Man Feeling Hopeless

Are you asking yourself – why do I feel hopeless? Hopelessness is when someone feels they don’t have any options available to them. For example, if you had a helium balloon that you really wanted to keep afloat, but there was a leak and it would not stay up in the air, it would be sad. 

With this being said, our Harmony Health Group wants you and everyone else to know there are always options. Sometimes, it just means asking for help and guidance. Other times, you may need treatment to break free from the thought cycle you are in. There are many other ways that our Harmony Health Group team can help you to stop feeling hopeless, too. 

Before we dive into what can be done to help reduce your feelings of hopelessness, we should learn to recognize what the symptoms of hopelessness are and what could be a cause of it. 

Symptoms Arising When Someone Feels Hopeless

Are you unsure of whether or not you are feeling hopeless? Maybe, you are feeling down, but you aren’t sure if hopelessness is the right description. One of the best ways to determine whether this is, in fact, what you are going through is to work with a professional counselor here at Harmony Health Group. If you are feeling this way, our team of trained professionals can help you to boost your mood and start feeling better. 

With this being said, the professionals here at our treatment center can do questionnaires and assessments with you to determine whether you are really feeling hopeless or whether something else is going on. Some of the symptoms that our team might be looking for to determine this include:

  • Loss of interest in activities and/or hobbies
  • No motivation to get things done
  • Losing connections with people you love and care about 
  • Feeling like you won’t have a good future, no matter what
  • Worrying excessively about great loss, natural disasters, wars, etc. 

Have you been experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, you may be feeling hopeless. However, you aren’t alone. Our treatment center team has helped many people out of this situation and we can help you, too.

Thoughts Can Lead to Hopelessness

Did you know that your thoughts can lead to feelings of hopelessness? The truth is that many thoughts that go through a person’s mind aren’t true or based on any facts. They are feelings or emotions that are brought up based on pre-conceived beliefs, values or experiences. In psychology, these types of thoughts are often referred to as cognitive distortions. 

Some thoughts that can lead to feeling hopeless include the following:

  • All or nothing thinking (I will never be joyful, nobody ever loves me, etc.)
  • Catastrophising (nothing ever goes right, this is the end for me, i never do anything right, etc.)
  • Fortunetelling (If i attempt something, I will fail, etc.)
  • Labelling (I am a failure, I am stupid, etc.)
  • Discounting positives (I didn’t get fired, but I know I will be when they do layoffs again)

Sure, it may be easier said than done to just think positive more often. It takes a different mindset, motivation, strength through change and much more. However, when you get help from our Harmony Health Group team, you won’t have to fight these negative thought patterns by yourself. We can help you find the underlying causes of these thoughts, so you can change them to more positive ones.


Always Feeling Hopeless…Why is This Happening?

Everyone does feel hopeless from time to time, especially if they are going through a big change in life such as after an accident, due to natural disasters, bereavement, breakups, divorce or any other troubling situation. If these things or something else troubling has happened, make sure you give yourself some time to go through how you are feeling and see if you regain hope again. 

If you have given it some time or you just can’t handle the feeling of hopelessness anymore, it is time to reach out for help. You may have been through something traumatic or too troubling that you can’t overcome it on your own. This is completely normal and you can get the help you need. No matter what it is that is causing your feelings of hopelessness, whether that be attachment issues, breakups, death or anything else, our team is ready to help you work through it starting today. 

Even if you have an addiction, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, anxiety disorder or even a physical health condition that is causing you to feel hopeless, our team can help you every step of the way. 

Pay Attention to Feelings of Hopelessness

It is extremely important that you don’t ignore your feelings of hopelessness. Unfortunately, many people will try to ignore these feelings and just try to wish them away. Usually, this causes depression and other negative reactions in their life, making the problem much bigger than it was to begin with. 

If you can’t find your worth or hope in your present life or future, don’t hesitate to seek the help you need. Everyone deserves to feel hope, love, joy and other amazing feelings. It is also important to note that feeling hopeless is, sometimes, a sign of mental health disorders. If these disorders aren’t treated, you may feel even more uneasy or vulnerable, possibly leading you to feel suicidal.

Don’t let your hopeless feelings get this far. You can stop them in their tracks by calling to ask for help today. 

Talk Therapy Could Help You to Find Hope Again

There is research that proves cognitive-behavioral therapies can help people to find positive feelings again. A lot of the time, when someone is feeling hopeless, their behaviors, feelings and thoughts start turning negative. If this goes on for some time, it can be truly difficult to overcome these feelings and thoughts on your own. 

The good news is that you don’t have to let your feelings of hopelessness continue. You can reach out to our team today to get talk therapy and other treatments which could help you to find hope again. Some of the therapies that might help you include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • 12-step facilitation therapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Art and/or music therapy

If you haven’t started attending any type of therapy yet, don’t worry. When you contact our team, we can get you into a treatment program to get you started. 

Stop Feeling Hopeless by Getting Help Today

Have you had symptoms of hopelessness? If so, don’t keep waiting around for things to change. Take action today by reaching out to our Harmony Health Group for help immediately. We can enroll you in a treatment program, which includes therapy options, that can help you to stop feeling hopeless and start feeing more in control of your life. Contact us today at to get started.