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Harmony Health Group was founded in 2015 to help provide a safe place for people who struggle with substance use disorders. We have multiple partial hospitalization programs (PHP) in treatment facilities along the east coast in Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Each treatment facility focuses on offering you a flexible continuum of care to help support your recovery journey.

We use evidence-based, data-driven programs that offer you nearby options for a substance abuse and PHP for mental health near me. Harmony Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Group is in-network with many major health insurance providers and accepts insurance for partial hospitalization programs.

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What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are highly structured outpatient day treatment programs designed to help stabilize people with acute mental health conditions or substance use disorders. They are more cost-effective than inpatient care for people who do not require 24-hour monitoring and offer treatment in the least restrictive environment possible.

Most people receive therapeutic intervention five days each week for several hours each day, typically totaling 20 hours or more per week. A partial hospitalization program delivers an intensive day program but allows you to return home at night. This is beneficial for those who have a supportive family environment or have access to a sober living environment.

Difference Between Inpatient and PHP

Difference Between Outpatient and PHP

Difference Between IOP and PHP

Statistics on Partial Hospitalization Programs

Finding Partial Hospitalization Programs Near Me

Harmony Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Group operates programs along the east coast that offer day treatment programs to address your substance use disorder or mental health conditions. We encourage you to call us at (866) 461-4474 to learn more about how partial hospitalization programs address substance abuse and mental health disorders successfully.

Day Treatment Programs in Massachusetts

Day Treatment Programs in New Jersey

Day Treatment Programs in Tennessee

Day Treatment Programs in Florida

Day Treatment Programs in North Carolina

Harmony offers a multitude of locations up and down the East Coast for behavioral health services. Call us to learn about our facilities and treatment options.

What is Treated at Partial Hospitalization Treatment Centers?

Partial hospitalization programs help treat individuals with substance use disorders and mental health conditions, as well as those with dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is not a medical diagnosis, but rather a description of someone who has a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health condition. Dual diagnosis day programs are specialized to address the unique needs of individuals who struggle with both conditions.

Opioid (e.g., Heroin, Opiate, Prescription Painkillers) Addiction PHP Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Partial Hospitalization Program

Benzodiazepine (e.g., Xanax, Ativan, Valium) Addiction PHP Treatment

Stimulant (e.g., cocaine, methamphetamine) Addiction PHP Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Program for Mental Health Disorders

This level of care bridges the gap between inpatient rehab or residential treatment and traditional outpatient therapy. You have a higher level of support and structure but are still able to return home in the evenings. Individuals usually attend a combination of individual, group, and family therapies alongside medication management and psychiatric monitoring.

The goal is to stabilize symptoms and improve functioning so you have the skills and resources to manage your challenges effectively with mental health PHP near me. Partial hospitalization programs use evidence-based therapies, psychoeducation, and skill building exercises in a therapeutic environment that fosters peer interaction and mutual support. Recovery-focused PHP treatment also includes coordination without patient providers, so you receive continuity of care as you transition back into the community.

Long-Term Partial Hospitalization Programs

Long-term care is sometimes necessary to provide the ongoing intensive treatment and support needed to address complex mental health conditions and substance use disorders. The programs offer you a therapeutic environment where you can receive comprehensive care over an extended time. Despite the differences in treatment length, each of the following behavioral health day programs share common goals, including stabilization and relapse prevention.

30-Day (One Month) PHP Treatment

60-Day (Two Month) PHP Treatment

90-Day (Three Month) PHP Treatment

180-Day (Six Month) PHP Treatment

Short-Term Partial Hospitalization Programs

Short-term partial hospitalization services are developed to provide intensive support over a relatively short period. The programs usually range from one weekend to 21 days, depending on your needs and the severity of symptoms. The primary focus is crisis intervention and provide you with some of the initial skills and tools to manage challenges effectively.

Weekend PHP Treatment

A weekend PHP treatment program can last one or two weekends. It is beneficial for individuals who are transitioning from residential care or inpatient hospitalization as it offers a therapeutic environment while they continue to work toward recovery. Weekend programs are flexible in that it offers the opportunity to return to work or school obligations and still receive care in a highly structured day treatment program.

3-Day, 5-Day, and 7-Day PHP Treatment

The length of these programs offer a variety of levels of intensity to help provide a focused and comprehensive treatment plan. They are designed to help stabilize symptoms and provide crisis intervention. These brief programs typically include a combination of therapies and the length of treatment is dictated by several factors, including the severity of symptoms and the need for medication management.

10-Day, 14-Day, 21-Day PHP Treatment

The length of your program is determined by a customized treatment plan. You receive structured and comprehensive care over a relatively short period of time. The goal is to help stabilize your symptoms and equip you with coping skills as you transition into a more flexible intensive outpatient program or traditional outpatient therapy.

Does Insurance Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Most major health insurance providers cover PHP treatment. Your coverage level depends on several factors including whether the treatment facility is in-network, the specific services provided, and your insurance policy. Two federal laws help protect your right treatment. These are the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

Some insurance plans cover a portion of the cost and others may cover the full cost. It is essential to understand what insurance covers. We encourage you to call Harmony Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Group at (866) 461-4474. Our admission counselors can verify your insurance coverage level, help estimate your out-of-pocket costs, and answer your questions about treatment.

While partial hospitalization programs are effective, data shows that individuals have better outcomes measured by more consistent abstinence when they continue with follow-up visits and 12-step meetings after completing the program. Fifteen years of data showed PHP was a good alternative to residential care and could enhance an individual’s ability to function in society.

Findings from one study of 35 adolescent women revealed there were positive and desired outcomes over time and a review of the literature showed high-risk transdiagnostic adolescents improved in PHP addiction treatment. Transdiagnostic is a term used when an individual experiences several symptoms that connect a group of mental health conditions. This increases the complexity of treatment.

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How Much Does PHP Cost Without Insurance?

The cost of partial hospitalization program treatment without insurance cover varies greatly depending on several factors. The first is the charges from the treatment center. These are dependent on geographical location, your customized treatment plan, and length of treatment. The second factor is the financial aid you may obtain. You may qualify for a government-sponsored plan, such as Medicaid.

When you call Harmony Substance Abuse Recovery Group at (866) 461-4474 or contact us online, our admission counselors can guide you through your options for seeking financial help. These include applying for government sponsored aid, a personal loan, community-based or faith-based grants and scholarships, crowdfunding, and requesting help from friends and family. While we understand that seeking financial help may feel overwhelming, we know that the cost of going without treatment is far greater.

What is The Partial Hospitalization Programs Admissions Process?

The admission process begins with your first phone call. The process can vary between facilities and may be customized to meet your individual circumstances. You’ll undergo an initial assessment that’s conducted by a mental health professional. This is the basis of your customized treatment plan. Our admission counselors will verify your insurance policy and determine if prior authorization is required before treatment can begin.

After admission forms are completed, you will attend an orientation session or an intake appointment where you’ll get the information you need about the program structure, expectations, and an overview of the local services. After the treatment plan has been developed, you’ll begin participating for several hours each day in therapeutic activities that are developed specifically for you.

What is The Day Treatment Process?

The process in the area is a structured and intensive program that you attend for several hours each day over five days each week. The structure of your day is tailored to meet your needs and can include individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, support groups, 12-step groups, and psychoeducation.

During orientation, you’ll learn about the expectations for active participation and how smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other Wi-Fi connected devices are addressed. You’ll work one-on-one with a therapist to explore some of the underlying issues that impact your mental health condition or addiction. Your group therapy sessions allow you the opportunity to connect with peers and share experiences in a supportive environment. Your treatment program also includes planning for transition back into the community, including aftercare, access to community resources, and participating in support groups.

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