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The Harmony Substance Abuse Recovery Group has treatment facilities spanning the East Coast, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida. We provide treatment for individuals who are looking to overcome addiction, through various treatment options including DetoxificationPartial Hospitalization Programming, and  Intensive Outpatient Programs

Harmony Health Group has a free hotline number that can be used by anyone who is struggling with substance misuse and abuse, mental health concerns, and dual diagnoses. This service is ideal for individuals who are struggling presently and need support to overcome their current challenges. Call (866)461-4474 to learn more about our available addiction treatment programs.

Harmony Health Group Hotline Number

What is a Substance Abuse Hotline Number?

Substance abuse hotline numbers are a form of crisis support for individuals who are struggling with mental health concerns, including substance abuse and addiction. Helpline numbers are a valuable resource because they can provide you with support and encouragement when other treatment providers are unavailable.

Examples of situations where you may benefit from calling a toll-free hotline would be if you are struggling with depression symptoms, anxiety, having thoughts of or considering killing yourself, and feeling overwhelmed with your substance use. These mental health concerns often make individuals feel isolated and alone, which can make it challenging to reach out for help. The professionals who work for hotlines are caring, and compassionate individuals who are here to give you the help you need.

Are Hotlines Confidential?

Mental Health hotline numbers were developed with confidentiality as a core concept.  The hope is that individuals will be more inclined to use crisis services without the fear of judgment. The exception to this, would be that if the mental health hotline feels that there is an immediate danger to yourself or others, they are then required to contact the appropriate parties.

Are The Helpline Numbers Free?

There are several toll-free hotlines available that can provide emotional support and phone counseling to individuals who are distressed. The Harmony Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Group offers a free and confidential helpline number for individuals who need immediate help. Contact the Harmony Health Group today by calling (866)461-4474.

Are Hotline Numbers Open 24 Hours?

Many drug and alcohol hotline numbers offer 24/7 support. Individuals who find themselves experiencing a crisis during the evening and early morning hours have access to trained mental health professionals who can provide appropriate crisis interventions, and develop a plan of what they can do moving forward to cope with their distress.

What Substances Can a Crisis Number Help With?

Drug and alcohol helpline numbers can provide you with telephone support in moments when you are in significant distress and are unable to receive support from those around you. You can call an addiction hotline number throughout the day to receive support and talk to someone.

Individuals who are struggling with substance addiction, including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, opioids, and benzodiazepines, may find themselves struggling with guilt or shame with an inability to control their use. Additionally, it is not uncommon for individuals to experience depressive symptoms when using other drugs, which can cause significant distress.

Helpline services are available around the clock because we cannot always predict when someone will experience a crisis. Individuals who find themselves coming down from substances, or winding down from their busy day, may find themselves struggling in the evenings and other times when their support is not available. Support lines can provide you with immediate support to help you get through your challenging moments.


Harmony Health Group Addiction Hotline Number and Treatment Center Locations

Harmony Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Group offers an urgent hotline for individuals in our communities who are struggling, and those who are worried about a loved one. When you speak with someone in our call center, they will help you understand your treatment options within the renowned Harmony Health Group. Call (866)461-4474 to begin your treatment journey!

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Free Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hotline Number

Substance Use Disorders (SUD) have a different presentation than substance misuse. Individuals who are living with an SUD are often unable to control or limit their use, can experience withdrawal symptoms, may have developed a tolerance, and continue using despite the negative consequences they have experienced. SUD can contribute to mental health concerns and cause several health issues.

The Harmony Addiction Recovery Group has a free and confidential addiction crisis line that can be beneficial for individuals distressed, as well as those who are worried about a loved one. Additionally, our call center can help you verify your insurance, and discuss available payment options for treatment.

Free Mental Health Disorder Hotline Number

Mental health concerns that affect your quality of life may fall within the bounds of a mental health disorder. Mental health disorders tend to have a greater impact on a person’s life, including their focus, concentration, relationships, sleep, and daily routine. Behavioral therapy can be an effective treatment approach for mental health concerns, including co-occurring disorders.

The Harmony Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Group offers support and treatment for those living with mental health disorders. The Harmony Health Group’s confidential hotline provides support to struggling individuals and those worried about a loved one. We can answer your question of where to find “drug and alcohol assessments near me “. Additionally, Phone counseling be used to help you understand your treatment options and to verify your health insurance coverage.

Other Free Substance Abuse Hotline Numbers

The main goal of call centers that offer hotline assistance is to provide crisis intervention and phone counseling for individuals who are struggling. Finding hotline numbers can feel overwhelming when you need them, which is why we encourage you to make a note of the following helpline numbers so that you can easily access them.

National Hotlines

Substance-Specific Hotlines

Specific Groups

Other Free Mental Health Hotline Numbers

We believe that knowledge is power, and knowing free and confidential mental health hotline numbers available is priceless. The new Mental Health Emergency Hotline is a simple, 3-digit dialing code that can connect you with a trained crisis counselor nationwide. By calling 988, you can receive support for your mental health and access to mental health resources. Additional hotline numbers include:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255, also available for text (text HOME to 741741) and online chat at
  • NAMI Help Line: 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), offering support for people with mental health conditions and their loved ones.

What Questions Do Drug and Alcohol Hotline Numbers Ask?

If you have never called a drug or alcohol hotline number before, it is understandable that you would be wondering about what they may ask you. We encourage you to remember that these calls are typically confidential, and allow you to control what you are comfortable sharing.

Safety and Immediate Needs

Substance Use Related Questions

Rehab and Treatment-Related Questions

Can I Call a Helpline Number on Behalf of a Loved One?

Absolutely! Crisis hotlines can be valuable resources for those of us who are concerned about a loved one or a friend. It can be really difficult to watch someone you love struggle, and difficult to know what you should do in that situation. Finding the line between supporting your loved one, and enabling them can be tricky.

When a spouse, partner, parent, family member, or friend, calls on behalf of a loved one, the focus of your call may be on providing them with the support and knowledge that they need. This can include setting boundaries, effective communication skills, addiction and recovery education, and discussing treatment facilities in your area.  

Hotline and Crisis Line Related Statistics


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