The HRG Team in West Palm Beach

We are a team of widely experienced individuals in various areas of behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.

Our journey began in 2015 with the opening of our first facility in Florida, Recovery In Tune, which reflected our dream of creating a safe and therapeutic environment for people suffering from the life-wrecking disease of addiction.

Since that time, we have grown to understand the true need for quality, highly individualized, evidence-based treatment programs; and have made it our mission to bring those high-quality services to different areas of the country where these services are desperately needed.

Harmony Recovery Group owns and operates multiple treatment centers across the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Our facilities specialize in providing compassionate and highly individualized, evidence-based substance abuse treatment, and aim to greatly exceed the often low standards of treatment outcomes in our communities.

Our Commitment

To set and maintain the highest standards of care by continuously improving and evolving our services in order to best meet and exceed our patients’ needs. We will provide our patients with maximum support during their journey to recovery, giving them an in-depth understanding of their addiction and their underlying condition while equipping them with the tools that will truly help them achieve a lasting sobriety.

Our Mission

To provide individualized, evidence-based treatment in a comfortable, compassionate and caring environment where patients can feel safe and are encouraged to live a life of sobriety. We will respect our patients’ rights and their dignity throughout their struggle from addiction to recovery.  We will do this by adopting an environment of care, trust and responsibility for oneself and for others.

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