Our Mission

Harmony Health Group strives to create and offer a community-oriented, consumer-centered, data-driven behavioral healthcare system that encourages resilience, advances wellness, and prioritizes the well-being of our community. We are devoted to equipping clients and their families with access to suitable and timely behavioral healthcare through a comprehensive and collaborative approach.

Our Vision

Harmony Health Group’s Vision is for all communities to support wellness as a priority, and accessing treatment for mental health and substance use disorders is not only encouraged but the expectation so that all individuals can find healing, and growth and live healthy lives.

Our History

Harmony Health Group was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing a safe and therapeutic environment for individuals who struggle with substance use disorders.  Our first facility offered clients a flexible continuum of care to navigate through their recovery journey.  Since then, we’ve grown to ten locations across 5 states and expanded to include co-occurring and primary mental health care in our portfolio to better serve the needs of individuals in our communities.  Harmony Recovery Group became Harmony Health Group in late 2022 upon acquisition by Thrive Healthcare. We are dedicated to the expansion and access of quality care for behavioral health needs always backed by evidence-based care delivered through a team of professionals passionate about their work.

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8520 Cliff Cameron Dr. Ste 450, Charlotte, NC 28269

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