Blue Hills Recovery Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Worcester, Massachusetts 

If you have been misusing or abusing drugs and alcohol, there is a possibility that the symptoms you experience, including tolerance and withdrawal symptoms, will continue and worsen if you are unable to stop your use. Individuals living with an addiction often struggle to control, reduce, and stop their use. Addiction counseling services can prepare you to navigate your recovery. 

Massachusetts rehab centers, including the Blue Hills Recovery Center, utilize holistic addiction recovery approaches to provide you with a well-rounded treatment experience that addresses the different areas of your life that were impacted by your substance abuse. When you receive the care you need, in a supportive environment, the changes you can see within the different areas of your life are astronomical. Mental health and dual diagnosis treatment options are available for those who experience distress outside their addiction.

Blue Hills Recovery Treatment Center Location

The Bay State is known for its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse cultural experiences. Boston is likely the most iconic city in MA, it has hidden historical gems that can remind you of historical milestones of our country. Cambridge, MA, has some of the country’s leading universities, including Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

Salem is the home of the famous witch trials of 1692, which has been maintained to preserve its colonial- era environment, including its buildings and cobblestone roads. The Worchester Historical Museum can provide you with insights into the role that this area has had on art and culture as we know it. The Blue Hills Recovery Rehab Center is located in Worcester, approximately one hour west of Boston.

  • Blue Hills Recovery: 474 Grove St, Worcester, MA 01605

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Blue Hills Recovery Reviews and Ratings

As the leading rehabilitation facility in Massachusetts, The Blue Hills Recovery Treatment Center strives to provide comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment that prepares you for life ahead. We tailor our treatment program to the individuals we work with to ensure a comprehensive approach. Our clinical team has diverse educational, clinical, and personal experiences that only enhance our treatment program.

Our clinical team focuses on providing personalized care that is tailored to your unique needs. We have spent time crafting the environment within our facility so that it is a safe and welcoming area that allows you to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The kindness and compassion that you will receive can encourage you to push yourself in your recovery and take chances and risks that provide you with room to grow into who you are meant to be. 

We are grateful to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with individuals who are experiencing varying levels of distress. Continue reading for examples of what others are saying about the care they received at the Blue Hills Recovery Rehab Facility!

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Blue Hills Recovery Rehab Center in Massachusetts Accepts Insurance

One of the most common barriers that individuals experience when they are trying to get help for an addiction or other mental health concerns is the cost associated with addiction recovery centers. Blue Hills Recovery Drug and Alcohol Addiction Facility accepts insurance and is considered in-network with large health insurance companies. 

If you have questions or concerns about your insurance coverage or the cost of rehab, we invite you to speak with an Admissions Counselor by dialing (866) 461-4474. When you complete our insurance verification form, our team can provide you with insight into your plan’s coverage and your expected copayments. 

Accredited Program with Evidence-Based Treatments and Therapies

The Blue Hills Rehab Facility is proud to provide mental health and addiction treatment that stands above the rest. With the use of evidence-based treatment methods that have proven effectiveness, we can provide you with a comprehensive treatment experience that encompasses all of your mental health needs. 

Not only does the Blue Hills Recovery Treatment Center have outstanding reviews, we are endorsed and accredited by the following organizations and agencies:

  • The Joint Commission
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS)
  • Legit Script

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Common Substances Treated at the Blue Hills Recovery Massachusetts Facility

Substance use disorders tend to affect each individual differently, especially when they are struggling with different substances. There are individual differences that can be found within the treatment plans and options for individuals struggling with different substances. Effective treatment options can include inpatient rehabilitation programs, outpatient programs, and medication-assisted treatment. 

Blue Hills Recovery Center

Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder 

Treatment for Benzodiazepine Use Disorder

Treatment for Cocaine Use Disorder

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Treatment for Marijuana and Cannabis Use Disorder

Addiction Treatment Programs at Blue Hills Recovery Massachusetts Center

Inpatient facilities in Massachusetts utilize recovery-orientated therapy, including dual-diagnosis treatment and medication-assisted treatment, that can help you build the foundation for your recovery. With the proper tools and support, you can effectively manage your addiction symptoms, and find ways to live a meaningful life. Contact the Harmony Health Group to learn more about our rehab facilities in Massachusetts! 

Substance Abuse Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) in Massachusetts

Partial hospitalization treatment programs are ideal for individuals who have recently completed an inpatient rehab program, and those who are looking for a full day of programming while they live at home, or in a sober living community.  Day treatment allows you to experience the benefits of staying busy in recovery while providing you with comprehensive treatment. 

Partial hospitalization programs utilize evidence-based approaches to provide you with the support and encouragement you need to navigate your recovery. These programs can provide you with dual diagnosis treatment, mental health therapy, and specialized treatment options. Blue Hills Recovery Drug and Alcohol Addiction Center provides a partial hospitalization program, ideal for those living in the Worcester area.  

Find Out About Our Recovery Treatment Programs in Massachusetts

Call us now to find out about our mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation admissions process, free assessment, treatment options or to check your insurance coverage levels. Your first step to recovery starts here!

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient in Massachusetts

Intensive outpatient programs are a great transitional program for individuals who are coming from a higher level of care, such as an inpatient rehab program or a day program, and require more support than an outpatient program would provide. IOPs are typically a short-term program, intended to support you as you transition and experience expected, and unexpected, setbacks in recovery.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities that offer IOP often utilize a comprehensive approach that can include medication-assisted treatment, psychiatric services, counseling, individual therapy, group therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, and holistic or alternative treatment options. After an IOP, you should be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to successfully navigate the challenges you may experience within your recovery. 

Addiction and Mental Health Outpatient Programs in Massachusetts

Outpatient mental health facilities in Massachusetts can provide you with an individualized experience that is tailored to your unique needs. This can include individual therapy, group therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, psychiatric services, and specialized treatment options. You may be in treatment for 1 to 2 hours a week for a length of time that is based on your personal needs. 

Outpatient programming can provide you with a valuable source of support in your recovery. Inpatient treatment programs, PHP, and IOPs can provide you with the foundation for your recovery, but outpatient programs provide you with a safe place to turn when you experience difficulties in your journey. Having a consistent appointment allows you to continue checking in about your recovery and your mental health, and address challenges in real time as they arise. 

Blue Hills Recovery in Worcester, MA Facility

Blue Hills Recovery Drug and Alcohol Addiction Center is an example of a drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts that provides top-tier treatment options. Our multidisciplinary team is skilled in evidence-based approaches that they can apply to your treatment program. If you are unsure about the care that you need, or have questions about your insurance coverage, dial (866) 461-4474 today! 

Psychiatry Treatment and Medication Management

Individuals who are living with various mental health concerns can experience relief and learn to manage their symptoms with psychiatric treatment. Co-occurring disorders treatment provides a comprehensive approach for those living with more than one mental health concern. Medication management is often incorporated into mental health treatment programs and may be able to support you in your mental health journey.

Psychotherapy Treatments

Psychotherapy is an effective treatment option for various mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, and substance use disorders. Evidence-based approaches including CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, and MBRP are often used appropriately in mental health facilities in Massachusetts. 

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) Treatment and Therapy

Individuals who have been unable to find relief from their depressive symptoms with the use of psychotropic medications and various psychotherapy approaches may benefit from the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy (TMS). TMS is a non-invasive treatment option that can decrease your symptoms by stimulating nerve cells in the brain. 

Holistic Treatments and Therapy

Effective addiction and mental health programs treat the individual as a whole, rather than their presenting mental health concern. Holistic treatment options can elevate the mind, body, and spiritual connection, which can improve the overall sense of wellness. Popular treatment options include yoga, meditation and relaxation, activity-based and adventure therapy, music and art therapy, and wellness education programming.

12-Step and Non 12-Step Programs

Twelve-step programs and non-twelve-step programs can provide you with a different kind of support than clinical programs. These groups are led by your peers, instead of clinicians, and can provide you with a sense of social support, connection, and encouragement. You may find that attending meetings provides you with accountability and structure, which can support you in your recovery.

Harmony Health Group Inpatient and Outpatient Centers in Massachusetts 

In addition to the Blue Hills Recovery Treatment Center, Harmony Health Group has an additional drug rehab in Massachusetts. The Harmony Health Group is focused on creating welcoming environments for those who are looking to improve their mental health and overall sense of wellness. Worrying about how you are going to pay for treatment is, unfortunately, a common experience for individuals who looking into their treatment options.

The Harmony Health Group is committed to providing exceptional healthcare to those in need, while trying to avoid adding unnecessary financial costs. Our Admissions Counselors can help you verify your insurance, and discuss what your financial responsibilities may look like for one of our two Massachusetts locations. If you do not have health insurance at this time, know that that is okay too! We can discuss our payment options with you, just call (866) 461-4474 today

Serenity At Summit in Haverhill, MA

Serenity At Summit Hill provides inpatient rehabilitation programs less than an hour north of Boston. Available services include detoxification, residential rehabilitation programming, and clinical stabilization services for those who need support for substance use disorders and various mental health illnesses. Our program provides invaluable support for individuals at the beginning stages of their recovery and mental health journey.

  • Serenity At Summit: 61 Brown Street, Haverhill, MA 01830

Blue Hills Recovery in Worcester, MA

Blue Hills Recovery Treatment Facility is the leading outpatient mental health and addiction treatment provider. Our use of evidence-based addiction therapies will prepare you for the challenges, and successes, that you may experience in your recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment is available for individuals living with both an addiction and another mental health concern.

  • Blue Hills Recovery Treatment Center: 474 Grove Street, Worcester, MA 01605

Harmony Health Group Out of State Rehab Centers

With 10 different treatment facilities in the United States, the Harmony Health Group has had the privilege of providing quality addiction and mental health care services for individuals from different corners of the country. Harmony Health Group Treatment Centers can be found in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Tennessee. 

Rehab Centers in Florida That Take Insurance

Florida is a popular travel destination that is bountiful with breathtaking beaches and other wonders of nature! Harmony Health Group has three treatment facilities within Florida that provide detoxification and outpatient treatment services for individuals living with substance use disorders. Treatment facilities can be found at:

  • Harmony Treatment and Wellness: 616 SE Central Pkwy, Stuart, FL 34994
  • Recovery By The Sea: 2801 SE Martin Square, Corporate Pkwy, Stuart, FL 34994
  • Recovery In Tune: 6530 Griffin Road, Davie, FL 33314

Rehab Centers in North Carolina That Take Insurance

North Carolina is a beautiful state that offers nature experiences, and unique opportunities for visitors. Individuals who live in the greater Charlotte area have access to the leading care expected from a Harmony Health Group Treatment Facility. Our two NC facilities can provide you with effective treatment options for substance use disorders and other mental health illnesses. 

  • Harmony Recovery Center: 11403 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28262
  • Midwood Addiction Treatment: 3057 Senna Drive, Matthews, NC 28105

Rehab Centers in New Jersey That Take Insurance

New Jersey residents who find themselves struggling with alcohol and drugs, or with their mental health, have the opportunity to engage in treatment at one of the three Harmony Health Group Treatment Centers. Contactus today to learn which program would best suit your needs. 

  • Harmony Healing Center: 401 Kings Highway South, Building #1 Tara Corporate Park, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
  • Summit Behavioral Health Princeton Junction: 4065 Quakerbridge Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
  • Serenity at Summit Union: 1000 Galloping Hill Road Union, NJ 07083

Rehab Centers in Tennessee That Take Insurance

Tennessee is known as a country music hub that is filled with cultural experiences that can keep you busy. Addiction treatment services and mental health care can be found at any of the three Harmony Health Group treatments in Tennessee. With the proper support and treatment, you can learn the skills you need to thrive in your recovery!

  • Harmony Oaks Recovery Center: 7609 Shallowford Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421
  • Riverwalk Recovery Center: 7446 Shallowford Rd #116, Chattanooga, TN 37421
  • Summit at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center: 1500 Pinnacles Way, Newport, TN 37821
  • Summit Detox: 1558 Pinnacles Way, Newport, TN 37821

Benefits of Going to a Rehabilitation Program in Massachusetts 

Located in the Northeast area of the U.S. is a widely known treasure, commonly known as Massachusetts. With its significant part of American history, MA was one of the 13 colonies and is home to Plymouth Rock. You can take a stroll along the famous Freedom Trail to experience 16 historical landmarks in the area tied to the American Revolution. 

Another popular Massachusetts attraction is the Atlantic Coastline, especially within the area of Cape Cod. With a quick ferry ride, you can find yourself in Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, where you can enjoy delectable seafood and sunshine. 

When we look at public health concerns for MA, we see that our state has seen a consistent rise in the number of fatal drug overdoses since 2013, which has been consistently higher than the average rate found within other areas of the United States. This is a concerning statistic that brings our attention to the importance of providing effective healthcare treatment options to Massachusetts residents. 

When you are looking at your treatment options, we encourage you to be mindful of the environment within the treatment facility. Do you see yourself feeling comfortable and safe here? These are important details that will have a direct impact on your ability to fully participate in psychotherapy and other addiction treatment modalities. 

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs will help you develop an effective relapse prevention plan, which can include a structured routine incorporating hobbies and special interests. Treatment programs often include various recreational and relaxation opportunities so that you can explore new interests and see what aligns with you in your recovery. 

Substance abuse recovery programs often incorporate diverse treatment options into their program to ensure that they have treatment options that can provide support for the different areas of your life that were impacted by your addiction. This can include specialized treatment options and various therapeutic interventions that occur in individual and group settings. 

Feeling supported by those around you is another detail of treatment programs that can have a lasting impact on your recovery. The Blue Hills Recovery Treatment Facility strives to create a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment where you feel safe to be your authentic self. Allowing us to see your vulnerability takes strength, and is commendable!

We hold your privacy in the highest regards and have safety measures in place to maintain confidentiality and protect your privacy. We believe that this is a component of what makes our treatment facility feel safe for the individuals we work with. If you have found yourself thinking that you may benefit from a mental health or addiction treatment program, there is a piece of you that may feel as though you should reach out. The professionals at the Blue Hills Recovery Facility are here when you are ready to begin your treatment journey!


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