Harmony Health Group Treatment Centers in Tennessee

Harmony Health Group is a leading provider of comprehensive drug and alcohol detoxification and addiction treatment services with multiple rehab facilities in Tennessee. Under three distinctive brand names – Harmony Oaks, Riverwalk Recovery Center, and Summit at Harmony Oaks – we are committed to guiding individuals toward lasting recovery and wellness.

Harmony Health Group understands the financial aspect of seeking treatment, and we strive to make it accessible, so we’re proud to accept coverage from many insurance providers. We accept insurance for services related to substance abuse, mental health issues, and dual diagnosis. Our commitment is to provide top-notch care and make the journey to recovery as smooth and affordable as possible. If you or a loved one are seeking recovery in The Volunteer State, Harmony Health Group is here to support you every step of the way.

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What is an Addiction Rehab and Mental Health Treatment Center?

An addiction rehab and mental health treatment center is a specialized facility that offers integrated programs addressing substance abuse and mental health disorders. These centers provide a structured, supportive environment where individuals can undergo detoxification, receive therapy, and acquire coping strategies to overcome addiction and improve their mental health. 

The multidisciplinary approach often involves medical professionals, therapists, and support staff working collaboratively to guide individuals on a path toward recovery and emotional well-being.

Statistics On Rehabilitation in Tennessee

Tennessee ranks 16th in the affordability of residential drug rehabilitation services. In 2022, the Tennessee Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services supported the treatment and recovery of 10,080 individuals (12+). Throughout the same fiscal year, crisis lines collectively received over 146,000 calls.

The Behavioral Health Safety Net of TN for Adults was crucial in providing essential behavioral health services to Tennessee residents aged 18 and above without insurance coverage, overseeing 79,416 instances of medication management in 2022. In terms of substance abuse, non-fatal overdose outpatient visits in Tennessee numbered 20,485 in 2021. Finally, over a three-year period, 1,350 clients received treatment with consistent post-treatment abstinence rates of around 60%, showcasing the success of publicly funded treatment in addressing substance abuse. Follow-up interviews revealed a significant reduction in both unemployment and arrests among clients.

Famous Places in Tennessee

Tennessee is rich in history and diverse attractions, showcasing its cultural heritage and natural beauty. Chattanooga, for example, is famous for the Tennessee Aquarium and Lookout Mountain, offering breathtaking views. Newport, located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, is a gateway to the iconic Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, known for their vibrant arts scene and family-friendly Tennessee attractions.

Nashville is the capital, known for its mouthwatering hot chicken and nightlife. The Nashville music scene is a vibrant mecca of honky-tonks on Broadway, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. South of Nashville, you’ll find Franklin, steeped in Civil War history in Tennessee. Memphis is famous for its deep roots in blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll, home to iconic landmarks such as Graceland, the former residence of Elvis Presley. And don’t forget to try some Memphis food! Knoxville offers a blend of outdoor recreation and Tennessean culture renowned for southern hospitality.

These diverse destinations collectively contribute to Tennessee’s allure, drawing visitors from around the globe to experience the state’s unique blend of history, music, and natural wonders.

Harmony Health Group Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities in Tennessee

Commence your path to wellness with Harmony Health Group, where we offer customized inpatient and outpatient care. Whether you’re in need of immersive, intensive treatment or flexible solutions, our facilities create a nurturing environment for healing. Reach out to us at (866) 461-4474 for additional information on our various locations, and start your route to recovery and well-being today.

Harmony Oaks Recovery Center - Harmony Health Group

Harmony Oaks in Chattanooga, TN

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Harmony Oaks holds accreditation from the Joint Commission and is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Our facility provides a comprehensive range of services, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s recovery journey. Our commitment is to tailor our offerings to align with your particular needs, ensuring a personalized, practical approach.

  • Address: 7609 Shallowford Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421

Riverwalk Recovery Center in Chattanooga, TN

Nestled in downtown Chattanooga, between the Queen’s Lace and Twin Brook neighborhoods, Riverwalk Recovery Center is conveniently situated approximately 1 mile east of I-75. Our center provides a wide range of treatment services, addressing various aspects of substance abuse and mental health concerns, including specialized care for eating disorders.

  • Address: 7446 Shallowford Road, Ste 116, Chattanooga, TN 37421
Riverwalk Recovery Center
Summit Harmony Oaks Recovery - Harmony Health Group

Summit at Harmony Oaks in Newport, TN

Summit at Harmony Oaks provides residential psychiatric care tailored for adults (18+). Situated in the scenic Great Smoky Mountains, just outside Newport, TN, our picturesque campus offers a tranquil setting for healing. The compassionate team of mental health treatment specialists is committed to upholding the esteemed standard of care set by Harmony Health Group for each client.

  • Addresses: 1500 Pinnacles Way, Newport, TN 37821, USA (Residential Mental Health) 
    1558 Pinnacles Way, Newport, TN 37821, USA (Detox) 

Find Out About Our Recovery Treatment Programs in Tennessee

Call us now to find out about our mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation admissions process, free assessment, treatment options or to check your insurance coverage levels. Your first step to recovery starts here!

What We Treat at Our Tennessee Rehab Centers

Within the nurturing atmosphere of our Tennessee rehab centers, we tackle a broad array of challenges related to addiction and mental health. Our dedication to a holistic approach shapes how we treat various psychiatric conditions. Below, we discuss the issues we’re prepared to address, ensuring that every individual receives personalized, effective care tailored to their distinct needs.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation in Tennessee

If you’re struggling with substance abuse in Tennessee, Harmony Health Group can provide you with a safe, supportive environment to start your journey toward recovery. Our facilities offer both outpatient and inpatient programs that utilize evidence-based practices and a compassionate atmosphere to address the complex challenges associated with drug abuse and alcoholism.

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals works closely with individuals dealing with substance addiction to develop personalized treatment plans that include detoxification, counseling, therapeutic activities, and strong aftercare support. We aim to empower you on your path to sobriety, promoting holistic well-being and long-lasting recovery. Call us today to commence your recovery path.

Mental Health Treatment in Tennessee

Harmony Health Group’s mental health facilities in Tennessee create a safe and affirming place to address a range of mental health challenges, spanning from mood disorders to anxiety, depression, and more. With a team of skilled professionals, including therapists and psychiatrists, we implement evidence-based therapies tailored to each individual’s unique needs, upholding our holistic approach to mental health recovery.

Recognizing the nuanced nature of mental health conditions, we personalize treatment plans accordingly. By incorporating a blend of psychotherapy, medication management, and therapeutic interventions, our programs strive to empower individuals to take charge of their mental well-being. Whether through inpatient or outpatient care, our goal is to guide you or your loved one toward a path of resilience and stability, facilitating relapse prevention, symptom management, and long-term mental wellness—call (866) 461-4474 for more information on our mental health facilities in Tennessee.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Tennessee

Dual diagnosis treatment in Tennessee at Harmony Health Group distinguishes itself with an integrated approach to addressing both substance use and mental health disorders simultaneously. Our facilities offer specialized programs targeting both aspects concurrently, guided by a collaborative team of therapists, psychiatrists, and addiction specialists.

Through comprehensive and personalized care plans, whether through an inpatient or outpatient setting, we disrupt the cycle of dual diagnosis, fostering enduring recovery, mental well-being, and renewed purpose for you or your loved one navigating these intricate challenges. Reach out to us at (866) 461-4474 for more details on our dual-diagnosis treatment programs.

Therapy and Treatment Programs We Offer in Tennessee

Below, we’ll explore the variety of customized therapy and treatment programs offered by Harmony Recovery Group in Tennessee. Each program is carefully crafted to meet individual needs and promote holistic well-being, featuring specialized approaches designed for long-lasting recovery and overall wellness.

Inpatient Rehab in Tennessee

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Tennessee

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Tennessee

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in Tennessee

CBT, DBT, and Holistic Therapy Programs in Tennessee

Harmony offers a multitude of locations for behavioral health services. Call us to learn about our facilities and treatment options.

Do Rehab Facilities in Tennessee Take Insurance?

Numerous Tennessee rehab centers, including those affiliated with Harmony Health Group, accept insurance to facilitate access to addiction treatment services. Our dedication to making quality rehabilitation services accessible involves being in-network with various insurance providers, allowing you to maximize your coverage for substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Before enrolling in a rehab program, it’s essential to verify your insurance coverage and understand specific plan details, including copayments, deductibles, or limitations. Harmony Health Group is committed to transparency and can assist you with navigating the insurance process, ensuring that the financial aspect of treatment does not become an additional barrier to seeking the necessary help. Call (866) 461-4474 for immediate assistance, or complete our online verification form today, and a representative will contact you shortly.

Insurance Providers in Tennessee That Cover Rehab Treatment

Harmony Health Group’s rehab facilities in Tennessee collaborate with many insurance providers to enhance access to quality rehab treatment. Recognizing the significance of affordable care, we are in-network with numerous insurance companies. Some notable insurance providers that typically cover rehabilitation in Tennessee include:

  • Aetna
  • Carelon Behavioral Health
  • Cigna
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Humana
  • Modern Assistance Program
  • Optum
  • UnitedHealthcare (UHC)

These partnerships underscore our commitment to ensuring that individuals seeking rehabilitation services can utilize their insurance coverage, alleviating the financial burden associated with comprehensive addiction treatment. For further information, contact Harmony Health Group at (866) 461-4474 or consult directly with your insurance provider to determine coverage specifics and explore how your insurance policy can be leveraged to support your journey to recovery.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Tennessee Without Insurance?

Rehab costs in Tennessee without insurance can vary widely, influenced by factors like the type of treatment facility, program duration, and the specific services provided. Generally, outpatient programs are more affordable than inpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab costs typically fall within the range of $1,400 to $10,000 for a 30-day period.

To manage costs, research and compare facilities, inquire about potential financial assistance or sliding scale fees, and explore community-based or state-funded programs that may offer more affordable options. Some facilities may also provide financing plans to help individuals without insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance and seek rehabilitation services, call us to discuss how Harmony Health Group can assist in facilitating accessible care, ensuring that finances are not a barrier

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Benefits of Going to a Rehabilitation Program in Tennessee

The Tennessee lifestyle embraces diverse landscapes, including scenic mountains and picturesque valleys, providing a tranquil, rejuvenating environment conducive to recovery. Below, we’ll explore the additional advantages of seeking rehabilitation in The Volunteer State’s serene surroundings, where natural beauty contributes to an enhanced recovery experience, fostering an increased likelihood of success.

  • Professional Guidance: Rehabilitation programs in Tennessee offer the expertise of trained professionals such as therapists, counselors, and medical staff. This guidance helps with navigating the complexities of addiction, mental health, and recovery, providing valuable insights and professional support.
  • Structured Environment: Rehab programs provide a structured and supportive environment, crucial for recovery. Daily routines and therapeutic activities help establish a sense of stability and purpose, aiding in rehabilitation.
  • Peer Support: Being surrounded by individuals with similar goals creates a supportive community. This integral part of rehabilitation fosters a sense of belonging and understanding, reducing feelings of isolation.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Rehabilitation programs tailor treatment plans to the individual needs of each participant. This personalized approach ensures that the specific challenges and underlying issues contributing to your challenges are addressed effectively.
  • Medical Supervision: Inpatient facilities in Tennessee often provide medical supervision, ensuring your safety and well-being. For example, medical professionals can manage withdrawal symptoms during detoxification and address health concerns.
  • Therapeutic Modalities: Rehab programs offer various evidence-based therapeutic methods, like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), support groups, and experiential therapies. These approaches help you to explore and address the root causes of your challenges.
  • Education and Skill-building: Rehabilitation programs equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to sustain recovery and sobriety. Educational sessions and skill-building activities focus on coping mechanisms, stress management, and relapse prevention.
  • Post-Program Support: Many rehabilitation programs provide aftercare or follow-up support, which is essential for transitioning back to your daily life, offering ongoing guidance and mental health resources to support long-term recovery.
  • Holistic Approach: Rehabilitation programs often adopt a holistic approach, addressing not only the addiction but also mental, emotional, and physical well-being. This comprehensive strategy promotes overall health and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Accountability: Participation in a rehab program involves accountability. Regular check-ins, therapy sessions, and group activities create a structured framework that encourages your steadfast commitment to the recovery journey.

Addiction and Mental Rehabilitation Statistics in Tennessee

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