Midwood Addiction Treatment Center Drug and Alcohol Addiction Facility in Matthews, North Carolina

In Matthews, North Carolina, Midwood Addiction Treatment Center is a supportive haven for those contending with drug and alcohol addiction. Our facility strategically serves the local community by providing a nurturing and therapeutic environment for navigating the path to substance abuse recovery.

Committed to enhancing accessibility, Midwood Addiction Treatment Center welcomes a diverse array of insurance providers. Our dedication to inclusivity extends to covering various facets of healthcare, encompassing substance abuse, mental health, and dual diagnosis scenarios. By embracing insurance for these critical areas, we aim to dismantle financial barriers, ensuring that individuals can avail themselves of comprehensive care. Our empathetic team remains steadfast in guiding individuals toward a healthier, addiction-free life.

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center Location

At 3057 Senna Dr, Matthews, NC 28105, Midwood Addiction Treatment Center, clients benefit from a prime location that facilitates easy access to neighboring cities and attractions. With proximity to Charlotte, our facility connects individuals to the dynamic urban atmosphere of Queen City. Additionally, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Asheville are nearby, making our comprehensive services accessible to a diverse population.

Beyond its central location, Midwood Addiction Treatment Center is a day’s trip away from the tranquility of North Carolina beaches and the Outer Banks. For those yearning for a change of scenery, the grandeur of the Blue Ridge Mountains is easily accessible, presenting a captivating natural landscape. This thoughtful placement allows you to immerse yourself in nature while exploring various North Carolina attractions. It also contributes to a well-rounded, healing environment, emphasizing an atmosphere conducive to recovery.

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Midwood Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Reviews and Ratings

Explore life-changing narratives at Midwood Addiction Treatment Center in The Tar Heel State by delving into our comprehensive reviews and ratings. These firsthand testimonials authentically convey the transformative impact of our recovery-oriented therapy, offering valuable insights. Our distinguished care and unwavering commitment distinguish us as one of the reputable North Carolina rehab centers.

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Midwood Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center in North Carolina Accepts Insurance

At Midwood Addiction Recovery Center, we believe that everyone should have access to top-notch drug and alcohol addiction treatment without any financial barriers. That’s why we proudly accept insurance and have affiliations with most major providers so that you can leverage your benefits effectively.

Whether you’re struggling with substance abuse, mental health challenges, or a dual diagnosis, our goal is to simplify and support your path toward recovery. To help you understand your insurance details and address the financial aspects of your treatment, we encourage you to call (866) 461-4474. Our dedicated team is always available to verify your insurance coverage, providing the clarity and assurance you need to jumpstart your recovery.

Evidence-Based Treatments and Accreditations for Midwood Addiction Treatment Center 

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center is committed to evidence-based addiction therapies and treatment methods, ensuring care rooted in proven success. Our approach allows us to tailor treatments addressing the distinct needs of each individual on their path to recovery. We strive to enhance the effectiveness of our substance use disorder interventions, promoting long-term positive outcomes for those seeking assistance with addiction.

Furthermore, Midwood Addiction Treatment Center is dedicated to quality and credibility by obtaining endorsements and accreditations from reputable organizations, like The Joint Commission, reflecting our commitment to maintaining stringent standards of care. Additionally, we hold accreditation from Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, further validating our adherence to excellence in addiction treatment. Legit Script has also endorsed our facility, acknowledging our commitment to providing legitimate and ethical services in addiction treatment modalities. These accreditations affirm our position as a trusted and reputable institution, ensuring the highest standard of care in your pursuit of recovery.

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Common Substances Treated at Midwood Addiction Treatment Center’s North Carolina Facility

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center is fully equipped to help those seeking recovery from substance abuse. Our committed team provides specialized care tailored to meet the individual needs of those on the path to sobriety. Please review the information below to learn about the specific substances we can treat at our North Carolina-based facility. For further information, call (866) 461-4474.

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Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

Treatment for Benzodiazepine Use Disorder

Treatment for Cocaine Use Disorder

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Treatment for Marijuana and Cannabis Use Disorder

North Carolina Treatment Programs at Midwood Addiction Treatment Center

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center provides various addiction treatment programs. We recognize the diversity of those seeking help and offer multiple programs to cater to different needs. Through thorough assessments and evaluations, we guide you in selecting the most suitable program or combination of programs as you progress toward recovery.

Substance Abuse Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) in North Carolina

The demand for high-quality Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) in North Carolina (NC) has reached unprecedented levels. Midwood Addiction Treatment responds to this need by introducing the esteemed Harmony Health Group’s brand of care to the surrounding areas. As part of the Harmony Recovery Group family, we implement evidence-based addiction treatment that consistently produces positive outcomes.

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center’s PHP in NC serves as an alternative to traditional inpatient rehabilitationprograms that often come with more affordable rehab costs. It provides similar therapeutic services, with the added option to stay in our partnered sober living communities. In addition, Midwood Addiction Treatment Center employs an evidence-based approach tailored to address the requirements of individuals experiencing co-occurring disorders, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Find Out About Our Recovery Treatment Programs in North Carolina

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Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient in North Carolina

If you’ve successfully completed our PHP or are transitioning from an inpatient/residential program, our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) awaits you as the next step. An IOP offers a balance of personal responsibility and freedom. While providing the structure, support, and guidance you need, it allows you to take steps toward reintegrating into society.

This crucial transitional period helps you embrace a sober and productive North Carolina lifestyle, applying the knowledge and tools acquired during outpatient addiction treatment to navigate the challenges of daily life. Specifically designed for those ready to embrace a consistent daily routine and a balanced, healthy way of living with strong support, our program allows you to choose safe, partnered, supportive housing while transitioning into work or school.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in North Carolina

If you’re seeking a comfortable transition from addiction to sobriety, Midwood Addiction Treatment Center’s Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) track offers a long-term detoxification solution to minimize the risk of relapse during and after treatment. Utilizing medications such as Naltrexone, Vivitrol, or Suboxone, we acknowledge the role medications can play in treatment. 

Our MAT track ensures the appropriate medications to reduce cravings while adhering to strict ethical guidelines. We begin with a psychiatric evaluation to determine the need for medications, prescribing the proper dosage if necessary. Under the vigilant oversight of qualified staff members, medications are administered, and our medical/nursing staff closely monitors reactions for prompt adjustments or discontinuation. Continuous monitoring through urinalysis testing allows us to adjust dosage as needed during the various phases of treatment—from addiction to sobriety—as patients progress toward recovery.

Addiction and Mental Health Outpatient Programs in North Carolina

You don’t have to settle for seeing a therapist only once a week. Many individuals require a more intensive standard of care for optimal progress, and in the realm of mental health treatment, more help is often better. Within our addiction and mental health outpatient programs, clients even have the option to reside at our recovery accommodations for added support.

Our outpatient level of care helps patients maintain the progress achieved in the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels and ensures consistent connection with treatment and a supportive recovery community. Residing at our recovery accommodations provides the necessary support for sustaining sobriety and well-being while the focus is on education for continued recovery and longer-term recovery plans.

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center at Matthews, NC Facility

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center offers comprehensive and individualized treatment for substance use and mental health disorders. We provide a range of therapies tailored to address different facets of recovery, promoting a holistic approach to healing. Below, you can explore some of the therapeutic modalities offered at our rehab facilities in North Carolina. For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Psychiatric Therapy and Medication Management Treatment 

Psychotherapy Treatments

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy

Holistic Therapies

Non-Twelve-Step and Twelve-Step Programs

Harmony Health Group Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers in North Carolina

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center plays a crucial role within the Harmony Health Group, a comprehensive healthcare network addressing mental health and substance addiction challenges. Aligned with this network, Midwood Addiction Treatment Center draws on collective expertise and resources dedicated to providing holistic and practical treatment solutions.

The commitment of Harmony Health Group extends beyond Midwood Addiction Treatment Center in North Carolina to include another nearby facility also dedicated to fostering recovery and well-being. This commitment ensures accessibility to quality care on the commendable path toward mental health and sobriety. The diverse programs and specialized treatments offered at Harmony Health Group’s mental health facilities in North Carolina underscore dedication to tailored care, recognizing and addressing each individual’s unique needs. Explore the following sections for a brief overview of our two outpatient North Carolina rehab centers.

Harmony Recovery Center in Charlotte, NC

At this facility, we offer specialized groups tailored to address both substance use and mental health disorders, providing the opportunity to engage in weekly recreational outings, attend NA/AA meetings, and participate in yoga sessions, fostering a holistic approach to recovery. Whether you’re seeking medication-assisted treatment (MAT) or guidance in managing depression, our dedicated professionals are committed to partnering with you.

  • Harmony Recovery Center: 11403 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28262

Midwood Addiction Treatment Center

Midwood Addiction Treatment offers a comprehensive range of services for alcoholism, drug abuse treatment, and mental health therapy. Whether you’re seeking support for yourself or a loved one, our commitment to a superior standard of care ensures a comprehensive approach. We strongly believe in the transformative power of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and mental health therapy.

  • Midwood Addiction Treatment Center: 3057 Senna Dr, Matthews, NC 28105

Harmony Health Group Out-of-State Rehab Facilities

Harmony Health Group’s influence reaches beyond North Carolina, with out-of-state centers delivering high-quality care and comprehensive services. These facilities provide access to top-notch treatment options tailored to your unique needs. For detailed insights into the diverse programs offered by Harmony Health Group across Florida, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and New Jersey, continue reading.

Rehab Facilities in Florida That Take Insurance

Choose from our tailored inpatient and outpatient treatments to meet your specific needs. We offer immersive, intensive experiences or more flexible approaches. Our three Florida recovery centers provide a professional and welcoming setting for your path toward wellness and mental health. Rest assured, our commitment is to provide the highest precision and expertise throughout your treatment.

  • Harmony Treatment and Wellness: 616 SE Central Pkwy, Stuart, FL 34994
  • Recovery By The Sea: 2801 SE Martin Square, Corporate Pkwy, Stuart, FL 34994
  • Recovery In Tune: 6530 Griffin Road, Davie, FL 33314

Rehab Facilities in Massachusetts That Take Insurance

In Massachusetts, Harmony Health Group provides a range of treatment options for substance abuse and mental well-being. Whether you opt for inpatient or outpatient care, our dedicated professionals offer advanced, evidence-based support throughout your recovery journey. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to guiding you every step of the way.

  • Blue Hills Recovery: 474 Grove Street, Worcester, MA 01605
  • Serenity At Summit: 61 Brown Street Haverhill, MA 01830

Rehab Facilities in New Jersey That Take Insurance

Experience outstanding care at our state-of-the-art facilities in The Garden State. We provide comprehensive support for substance abuse, mental health challenges, and dual diagnosis treatment. Our dedicated medical professionals prioritize evidence-based therapies, fostering a nurturing environment to guide you toward enduring well-being. Your path to lasting health starts with our unwavering commitment to excellent care.

  • Harmony Healing Center: 401 Kings Highway South, Building #1 Tara Corporate Park, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
  • Summit Behavioral Health Princeton Junction: 4065 Quakerbridge Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
  • Serenity at Summit Union: 1000 Galloping Hill Road Union, NJ 07083

Rehab Facilities in Tennessee That Takes Insurance

Harmony Health Group is a leading provider of extensive services for drug and alcohol detoxification and addiction treatment, featuring multiple rehabilitation facilities in Tennessee. Operating under three distinct brand names, our dedication remains steadfast in guiding you or your loved one toward enduring recovery and wellness.

  • Harmony Oaks Recovery Center: 7609 Shallowford Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421
  • Summit at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center: 1500 Pinnacles Way Newport, TN 37821
  • Summit Detox: 1558 Pinnacles Way Newport, TN 37821

Benefits of Going to a Rehabilitation Program in North Carolina

Choosing a rehabilitation program in North Carolina offers a multitude of benefits, each contributing to a holistic and practical recovery journey. Additionally, North Carolina boasts attractions such as historic sites like the Biltmore Estate & Asheville tours, college basketball, and, lest we forget, North Carolinian culture is steeped in that good ol’ Southern hospitality!

Below are just a few of the additional benefits of attending North Carolina rehab centers:

  • Climate and Environment: North Carolina provides diverse options, from the calming ocean to the rugged Blue Ridge Mountains, fostering a therapeutic atmosphere.
  • Recreation and Relaxation: The Tar Heel State offers a range of recreational activities that promote relaxation and a healthy lifestyle, ideal for recovery.
  • Supportive Community: North Carolina is known for its welcoming and supportive communities, creating an environment that encourages the path to recovery.
  • Diverse Treatment Options: Rehabilitation programs in North Carolina often provide various personalized treatment options, ensuring care that best suits your unique needs.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: The state’s tranquil and private settings contribute to a secure and confidential environment, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery without privacy concerns.

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