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Inpatient rehabilitation care is designed to provide a holistic, and intensive treatment option for individuals who are experiencing moderate to severe substance use disorders or other mental health concerns. With a structured and supportive environment, you have the opportunity to delve into the root of your addiction, while learning to navigate your recovery, and effectively manage cravings and triggers you may experience.

What are Residential Mental Health Therapy and Substance Use Programs Near Me?

Residential treatment programs can take place in a private rehab facility or a hospital setting. These treatment programs are often the next step after detoxification programs, because they help individuals build the foundation they need for a healthy and lasting recovery. Inpatient care programs often use various treatment modalities including group and individual therapy, educational sessions, and support groups. 

Addiction is an individualized mental health concern, which is reflected in treatment providers’ ability to provide personalized care options. As an example, individuals who are struggling with certain substances, including alcohol and opioids, may benefit from using medication-assisted treatment options. Additionally, dual diagnosis treatment options are often available for those experiencing other mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. 

What is Insurance Coverage for Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment and Mental Health Therapy?

Since the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, health insurance companies have been required to provide coverage for what has been deemed as essential behavioral health services. Within the scope of essential services, policyholders are eligible for behavioral health inpatient services, psychotherapy, and various forms of substance use disorder treatment. 

While there may be differences seem among different states and health plan options, the Affordable Care Act made it possible for many Americans to receive the treatment, they need for their mental health concerns. Inpatient Cigna insurance coverage does depend on the details of your healthcare plan, and may have specific requirements such as a prior authorization.

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Does Insurance Cover Residential Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment Programs Near Me?

Yes! A component of the Affordable Care Act is coverage for addiction treatment programs, including inpatient facility programs. It is important to note that there are specific criteria that you need to meet to participate in an in-house care program, including the severity of your symptoms and risk for continued substance use. 

Another important detail of the Affordable Care Act is that insurance companies are not allowed to deny coverage, or change the coverage your existing policy has outlined, because of pre-existing conditions. This is important for individuals who may have received addiction or mental health treatment in the past, who now find themselves struggling. What insurance companies require is that the program you utilize is the appropriate level of care for the symptoms that you’re experiencing. 

United States (US) Statistics on Drug & Alcohol Addictions and Inpatient Treatment

Alcohol use disorder is the most common substance use disorder, affecting over  138 million Americans. Slightly less than 25% of those using illicit drugs are struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD) as well. To make things more challenging, 37.9% of people living with an SUD have an additional mental health concern, also known as a dual diagnosis.

Living with a dual diagnosis can exacerbate the consequences of both mental health concerns by compounding their effects or triggering each other. A concerning figure is that less than 10% of those who are living with a dual diagnosis receive proper treatment for their mental health, and that over 50% don’t receive treatment for either concern. A common barrier that keeps individuals from accessing the care they need is the concern about cost, and being able to afford treatment. The national average cost of inpatient treatment ranges from $12,000 to $60,000, which may be unrealistic for many without the use of health insurance, and other payment options including scholarships, grants, or payment plans. 

Who is Cigna as a Health Insurance Provider?

Cigna was developed in 1792 as the Insurance Company of North America in Philadelphia. Over the years, the Insurance Company of North America grew and experienced mergers, and eventually became the Cigna Corporation in 1982. In today’s market, Cigna is one of the leading health insurance providers in the United States.

In addition to having innovative insurance options, Cigna has actively worked with community organizations to improving public health and supporting underserved communities. Cigna has been recognized several times for their commitment to health, and was even named on the Fortune 500, Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies,” and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for their social and environmental impact. 

Some Cigna Brands for Health Insurance and their Products & Services

What Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover for Inpatient & Residential Treatment Near Me?

It is not uncommon for policyholders to wonder, does Cigna cover inpatient rehab treatment? From our discussion about the Affordable Care Act, we know that they need to minimally provide partial coverage. The exact amount of your coverage is dependent on several factors, most importantly, being the details of your health insurance policy. 

Cigna offers a range of products and services that allow policyholders to customize their insurance options based on their healthcare needs, and affordability. To accommodate these factors, differences are noticeable in the amount of coverage provided as well as associated premiums, deductibles, coinsurance, and exceptions for coverage. Additionally, some  may plans may require a prior authorization before engaging in treatment. Individuals who require inpatient or hospital care are often experiencing various physical and psychological challenges tied to their addiction, which is why the Harmony Addiction Recovery Group has simplified this process by developing an online insurance verification form which allows us to check your benefits and how they would apply to our addiction treatment options. To take the next step towards receiving the care you need, we encourage you to call (866) 461-4474 today! 

Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover Inpatient Residential Detox Services Near Me?

Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover Inpatient & Residential Substance Abuse Counseling & Therapy Near Me?


Mental Health Therapy and Substance Use Treatment Providers That Take Cigna Health Insurance Near Me

The Harmony Health Group is a renowned behavioral health treatment provider, with top-tier facilities that provide tailored mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. Our services span from inpatient residential treatment programs, to outpatient aftercare options, which allows us to support you each step of your journey towards your mental health goals. Continue reading to learn about available treatment centers!

Residential and Inpatient Treatment Programs in Massachusetts (MA)

Residential and Inpatient Treatment Programs in Tennessee (TN)

Residential and Inpatient Treatment Programs in New Jersey (NJ)

Residential and Inpatient Treatment Programs in North Carolina (NC)

Residential and Inpatient Treatment Programs in Florida (FL)

Harmony offers a multitude of locations up and down the East Coast for behavioral health services. Call us to learn about our facilities and treatment options.

How Much Does Residential Treatment Cost Near Me Without Cigna Insurance Coverage?

Residential treatment care varies in cost, based on numerous factors. The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics indicated that the average cost of a 30-day program ranges from $5,000 to $20,000, whereas a 60 to 90-day programs can range from $12,000 to $60,000. The length of your treatment is dependent on individual factors. 

Factors that can affect the overall cost of residential treatment includes:

  • The location of the treatment center; including the state
  • If it is a public or private facility
  • The intensity of care being provided
  • Specialized services that are provided, such as medication-assisted treatment and dual diagnosis care
  • Luxurious amenities and accommodations that are available

How To Check Cigna Insurance Coverage Levels for Residential Rehab Treatment Near Me?

The first step is to verify your insurance coverage so that you are aware of exclusions, and other details affecting treatment costs. The Harmony Health Group has simplified this process for you so that it is one less thing you have to worry about. Once we have your insurance information, we will call Cigna to inquire about your coverage rates and options. 

This information can then be used to make informed decisions about your behavioral health treatment. Details that will affect your out-of-pocket costs include your deductibles, copay, and exclusions. If you have questions about your insurance coverage options, or the cost of inpatient addiction rehab with Cigna insurance, we encourage you to call (866) 461-4474. Our Admissions Counselors are available now to provide you with the support and guidance you need until you can establish care with a treatment provider, ensuring that you are not alone during this process.

How To Get Cigna Insurance To Pay For Residential Treatment?

In most cases, once your insurance has been verified, your treatment provider will submit claims for the medical care and treatment that you receive to support you in your sobriety. This allows you to focus on your treatment program, and getting to the root of your behavioral health concern. 

We understand that the cost of mental healthcare with Cigna insurance may be a concern for some individuals, which is why we encourage you to contact us with questions you may have. Cigna insurance plans provide varying levels of coverage, which means that you may be eligible for more support than you initially think. If you learn that a claim was later denied, you will have an opportunity to appeal this decision with a letter explaining why the care you received was a necessary component of the care you received. 

Learning More About National Statistics on Inpatient and Residential Rehabilitation in the United States (US)

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