Harmony Treatment and Wellness, a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Stuart, Florida

The drug and alcohol addiction treatment that you receive in the early stages of your recovery can have a lasting impact on your health and wellness. The multidisciplinary team providing care at the Harmony Treatment and Wellness Facility utilizes exemplary holistic addiction recovery methods to ensure that you receive customized care that supports your needs in recovery. 

As a member of the Harmony Health Group family, the Harmony Treatment and Wellness Rehab Center is in-network with many insurance companies for addiction treatment, mental health care, and dual diagnosis treatment. Utilizing your healthcare benefits can greatly reduce the costs associated with the care you receive. 

Harmony Treatment and Wellness Rehab Center Location

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Minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, The Harmony Treatment and Wellness Treatment Facility is an addiction recovery center that offers leading treatment approaches to Florida residents. To learn more about our available treatment programs, we encourage you to contact the Harmony Treatment and Wellness Rehab Center to speak with an Admissions Counselor. 

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Harmony Treatment and Wellness Reviews and Ratings

A key aspect of addiction treatment is the ability to be vulnerable and open to learning more about the root of your addiction. The setting that you are in can have a significant impact on the personal growth you experience, which is why we encourage you to be mindful of the space and surroundings you experience while receiving care.

The Harmony Treatment and Wellness Drug and Alcohol Addiction Facility would be thrilled to support you in your journey toward health and wellness! The path you have walked has had twists and bends, which supports our belief that personalized care is the core component of effective addiction counseling services. With access to our multidisciplinary staff, various treatment modalities, and an array of alternative treatment options, we are confident that you will receive the care and support you need to thrive in your recovery. We believe that our passion for what we do is embodied in the reviews that we have received!

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Harmony Treatment and Wellness in Stuart, Florida Accepts Health Insurance

Many individuals who find themselves looking for outpatient addiction programs find themselves concerned about their out-of-pocket expenses. Outpatient programs can vary in length, and in their frequency, which can bring the concern of cost to the forefront. The Harmony Treatment and Wellness Rehab Facility accepts insurance and is in-network with many major insurance companies. 

If you are interested in learning more about your insurance coverage for substance abuse recovery programs, we encourage you to call the Harmony Treatment and Wellness Treatment Center at (866) 461-4474. Our Admissions Counselors can verify your insurance for you and provide you with insight into your expected costs for Florida rehab centers. 

Harmony Treatment & Wellness Evidence-Based Treatments and Accreditations

Evidence-based addiction therapies have been proven to be effective in the treatment of addiction and dual diagnoses. At the Harmony Treatment and Wellness Treatment Facility, we respect your time and strongly believe in providing you with the best care while you are enrolled in our program. This may include various treatment modalities, dual diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment if appropriate.

The Harmony Treatment and Wellness Rehab Center is endorsed and accredited by the following agencies and organizations:

  • The Joint Commission
  • The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)
  • Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Florida Association Of Recovery Residences (FARR)
  • Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Addiction Professionals of North Carolina
  • Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services 

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Common Substances Treated at Harmony Treatment & Wellness Florida Facility

With respect to individual differences among those living with substance use disorders, rehab facilities in Florida often tailor their treatment programs to the substance, or substances, that individuals have been struggling with. A blanket approach to treatment would likely fail to provide support for the unique aspects and experiences associated with various drugs and alcohol. 

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Florida Rehabilitation for Alcohol Use Disorder

Florida Rehabilitation for Benzodiazepine Use Disorder

Florida Rehabilitation for Cocaine Use Disorder

Florida Rehabilitation for Heroin Addiction

Florida Rehabilitation for Opioid Use Disorder

Florida Rehabilitation for Marijuana and Cannabis Use Disorder

Addiction Treatment Programs at Harmony Treatment & Wellness Rehab

Harmony Treatment and Wellness Drug and Alcohol Addiction Facility is a drug rehab in Florida that provides individualized addiction treatment plans for those enrolled in one of our treatment programs. With an outpatient program, you can reacclimate to your new life in recovery while remaining in the comfort of your own home or a sober living facility.

Florida Substance Abuse Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) 

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are an ideal program for individuals who are looking to focus on their recovery in a clinical setting, with the ability to live in their home environments. PHP programs provide you with a full day of recovery-orientated therapy services in a supervised, and welcoming environment. 

The Harmony Treatment and Wellness Drug and Alcohol Addiction Center is a leading alcohol rehab in Florida that provides day treatment programs. With exposure to various addiction treatment modalities, you can participate in a well-rounded program that provides you with support for the different areas of your life that were impacted by your addiction. We provide dual diagnosis treatment to individuals who are living with other mental health concerns, and medication-assisted treatment for qualifying individuals. Contact us today to take the next step in your recovery! 

Find Out About Our Recovery Treatment Programs in Florida

Call us now to find out about our mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation admissions process, free assessment, treatment options or to check your insurance coverage levels. Your first step to recovery starts here!

Florida Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) can be a great step down for those who have recently completed an inpatient rehabilitation program or a PHP. With an IOP, you will receive a high level of support and care until you are ready to engage in a treatment program that is less hands-on. 

The Harmony Treatment and Wellness program usually has two IOP treatment options available, which can allow you to slowly return to your responsibilities, including work or school. With our IOP, you will participate in addiction recovery support groups and other addiction counseling services for approximately 3 hours a day.  

Florida Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) 

Medication-assisted treatment can be an effective treatment approach for individuals who are living with an alcohol use disorder, or an opioid use disorder. FDA-approved medications can reduce your experience with cravings, lower the psychological and physical effects of addiction, and decrease the risk of overdose in those struggling with opioids. 

Psychotropic medications may be used in addition to other behavioral health treatment options for those who are receiving dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder treatment. Your doctor will discuss effective, and safe, medication options that can support you with your mental health, and in your recovery.  

Florida Addiction and Mental Health Outpatient Programs 

Mental health facilities in Florida often provide behavioral health therapy approaches to individuals who are living with mental health concerns, including co-occurring disorders. Psychotropic medications may be an effective treatment option for some mental health concerns; however, psychotherapy can be an effective treatment option for most mental health concerns. 

Mental health treatment programs support you as you identify, and explore, the root of your mental health concern. While your treatment may not be able to make your challenges go away, it can introduce you to healthy coping skills and support that allow you to navigate your mental health symptoms in a manner that decreases the negative impact it may have on your life. Specialized treatment options may be available for individuals who would benefit from the use of specific therapeutic interventions. If you have been struggling with your mental health, or with a drug or alcohol addiction, we encourage you to dial (866)461-4474 to learn about the treatment options available at the Harmony Treatment and Wellness Treatment Facility in Stuart, FL.

Harmony Treatment & Wellness at Stuart, FL Facility

The Harmony Treatment and Wellness Treatment Facility utilizes research-backed approaches that have been proven effective for substance use disorders and related mental health concerns. With this approach, we can provide you with a holistic and personalized treatment approach that will allow you to have a sustainable recovery.

We provide you with exposure to both twelve-step programs and non-twelve-step programs so that you may find a program that aligns with your beliefs, values, and personal goals. While these groups may not be clinical, there is something to be said about building a community of like-minded, recovery-orientated individuals in their recovery. Peer-led support groups can provide you with a sense of belonging, connection, support, and accountability. With your participation in one of these groups, your addiction will not be able to grow in isolation.

Psychiatry therapy treatment approaches are available to provide you with support for your mental health needs. The care that you need depends on your unique circumstances including the severity of your symptoms, the mental health concerns you are living with, your mental health history, your use of substances, and your personal goals. Your treatment plan will incorporate these details to ensure that you receive the support you need to effectively cope with and navigate your mental health. Dual-diagnosis treatment is available at the Harmony Treatment and Wellness Center for those living with a substance use disorder and additional mental health concerns. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most commonly used therapeutic modalities for individuals who are living with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem concerns. With this approach, you will learn to recognize how your automatic thoughts influence your feelings and behaviors. Eventually, you will learn to refute unhealthy automatic thoughts, which can decrease the distress you experience. Dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT) is a commonly used approach for individuals who are living with a personality disorder, and those who regularly experience difficulties within their relationships. DBT encourages you to cultivate important life skills including distress tolerance, emotion regulation skills, mindfulness skills, and interpersonal skills that can strengthen your relationships. 

Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS) is a non-invasive treatment approach that may be effective for individuals who did not experience relief for their depressive symptoms from psychotherapy and psychotropic medications. With TMS, the nerve cells in your brain are stimulated, which can provide you with relief from depressive symptoms. This treatment approach is typically not the first treatment used for depression treatment. However, it can be an effective approach for those who have been unable to find relief while working with professionals. 

When you work with an eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR) therapist, you will be guided through specific eye movements while you process your trauma during your therapy sessions. EDMR is an effective treatment approach for individuals who are living with post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma-related mental health concerns. This treatment modality can help you process your trauma, and bring in new experiences that can reduce your symptoms. 

Additional therapeutic modalities and specialized treatment programming you will have the opportunity to utilize at the Harmony Treatment and Wellness Rehab Center include Motivational Interviewing (MI), Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention Therapy (MBRP), Meditation and Relaxation Therapy, Activity-Based and Adventure Therapy, Music and Art Therapy, Holistic Therapy and Wellness Education, and Yoga

Harmony Health Group PHP with Housing and Outpatient Centers in Florida

The Harmony Treatment and Wellness Treatment Center is a proud member of the Harmony Health Group family. Harmony Health Group Treatment Facilities strive to provide personalized care that utilizes the most up-to-date treatment approaches to help individuals find health and wellness in their lives. 

Florida has some of the highest rates of mental illness in the country. In this high-demand area, the Harmony Health Group has multiple treatment locations within Florida, each of which provides the excellent mental health and addiction treatment programming you would expect of a Harmony Health Group facility. 

Harmony Treatment and Wellness in Stuart, FL

The Harmony Treatment and Wellness Rehab Facility is an outpatient addiction treatment program that offers partial hospitalization programmingintensive outpatient programming, and routine outpatient treatment. Our individualized programming can include medication-assisted treatment and dual diagnosis treatment for those who are navigating more than one mental health concern. 

  • Harmony Treatment and Wellness: 616 SE Central Pkwy, Stuart, FL 34994

Recovery By The Sea in Stuart, FL

Approximately 8,093 lives were lost due to a fatal overdose in 2021 in Florida. Outpatient treatment programs are a valuable resource for individuals who need treatment and do not meet the requirements for inpatient rehabilitation programs. Recovery By the Sea provides outpatient treatment programs that are infused with the Florida lifestyle on the Atlantic Coastline.  

  • Recovery By The Sea: 2801 SE Martin Square, Corporate Pkwy, Stuart, FL 34994

Recovery In Tune in Davie, FL

Recovery in Tune is an outpatient substance abuse treatment facility approximately 30 minutes north of Miami. Our leading treatment facility can provide you with partial hospitalization programming, outpatient programming, and mental health intensive outpatient programming. If you have concerns about the potential cost of rehab, we encourage you to call (866) 461-4474 now! 

  • Recovery In Tune: 6530 Griffin Road, Davie, FL 33314

Outside of Florida Harmony Health Group Rehab Centers

With 10 treatment facilities within 5 states, the Harmony Health Group has the privilege of supporting individuals across the country who are struggling with a substance use disorder, or a mental health disorder. You can expect to receive comprehensive care in a caring and supportive environment from any of our Harmony Health Group Treatment Facilities.

Addiction Treatment Centers in Massachusetts (MA) That Takes Insurance

Individuals living within the Boston area have access to inpatient and outpatient care from our two Harmony Health Group rehab facilities within Massachusetts. We can provide you with personalized care that supports you at each step of your journey. Our Massachusetts treatment facilities are located at:

  • Blue Hills Recovery: 474 Grove Street, Worcester, MA 01605
  • Serenity At Summit: 61 Brown Street, Haverhill, MA 01830

Addiction Treatment Centers in North Carolina (NC) That Takes Insurance

North Carolina is an oasis that provides you with the best of both worlds between the sandy beaches and picturesque mountain views. Located in the Charlotte area, the Harmony Health Group has two treatment facilities that offer outpatient treatment for individuals who are living with mental health concerns, including substance use disorders. Our NC rehab programs can be found at:

  • Harmony Recovery Center: 11403 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28262
  • Midwood Addiction Treatment: 3057 Senna Drive, Matthews, NC 28105

Addiction Treatment Centers in New Jersey (NJ) That Takes Insurance

New Jersey is filled with hidden gems that can excite even the most reluctant travelers! New Jersey residents have access to three Harmony Health Group Treatment Facilities that provide holistic treatment approaches for those living with mental health and substance use disorder treatment. If you have questions about your insurance coverage,  contact the Harmony Health Group today. 

  • Harmony Healing Center: 401 Kings Highway South, Building #1 Tara Corporate Park, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
  • Summit Behavioral Health Princeton Junction: 4065 Quakerbridge Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
  • Serenity at Summit Union: 1000 Galloping Hill Road Union, NJ 07083

Addiction Treatment Rehab Centers in Tennessee (TN) That Takes Insurance

When you choose a Harmony Health Group Treatment facility in Tennessee, you can experience a holistic treatment approach infused with southern charm. With three rehabilitation facilities, we can provide you with detoxification, residential rehab programming, PHP, IOP, outpatient treatment, and psychiatric care for those living with serious mental illnesses. To learn more about our TN treatment options, contact us today.

  • Harmony Oaks Recovery Center: 7609 Shallowford Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421
  • Summit at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center: 1500 Pinnacles Way Newport, TN 37821
  • Summit Detox: 1558 Pinnacles Way Newport, TN 37821

Additional Benefits of Going to an Addiction Treatment Program in the State of Florida

The Sunshine State is one of the most popular travel destinations for Americans, and individuals around the world. From Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios to various Everglades experiences, Florida has something for everyone! Florida is also home to some of the leading mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities. 

Outpatient and PHP facilities in Florida can provide you with a welcoming and peaceful environment while you focus on engaging in your treatment program to the highest level. When you feel comfortable and relaxed, you are more likely to open up and experience vulnerability that can provide you with new insights into your mental health. 

With its warmth year-round and Florida sunshine, treatment facilities can provide you with an array of relaxation and recreational activities. With access to outdoor activities, you can connect with nature and take in all the beauty Florida has to offer. 

An important component of recovery is developing your social support and forming healthy connections. Florida has a strong recovery community that can be found within peer-led support groups, sober living facilities, and treatment centers. Here, you can learn from others’ experiences, and share your wisdom and hope as you progress in your journey. 

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is trust. When it comes to mental health providers, this often includes boundaries relating to your privacy. You will find that each of the treatment facilities within the Harmony Health Group family holds confidentiality in the highest regard and goes above and beyond to protect, and respect, your privacy. Florida’s residents who are having a difficult time with drugs and alcohol, or their mental health, are encouraged to connect with a Harmony Treatment and Wellness Admission Counselor to explore available treatment options! 


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