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Living with a substance use disorder often means that your focus is on your use, taking you away from your family, friends, and responsibilities. This can cause various difficulties, including health concerns and legal consequences. Summit at Harmony Oaks and Summit Detox at Harmony Oaks are two Harmony Health Group treatment facilities located in Newport, TN, offering rehabilitation programming.

Our two Newport, TN, rehab centers are in-network with multiple insurance companies that provide policyholders with coverage for substance abuse treatment, mental health programming, and dual diagnosis treatment programs. If you have questions or concerns about your healthcare coverage, we encourage you to contact the Harmony Addiction Recovery Group directly so that we can verify your insurance, and provide you with an understanding of your insurance coverage for addiction and mental health treatment programs. 

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What is a Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Facility?

Individuals who find themselves unable to control or stop their use of substances may benefit from behavioral health treatment at a rehabilitation facility. Drug and alcohol treatment centers utilize evidence-based treatment modalities to help you develop an understanding of addiction and develop skills and supports that allow you to enjoy your life, without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Mental health treatment facilities can provide you with personalized care that can help you reduce the level of distress you experience, and learn to cope with your mental health symptoms. Inpatient and outpatient care programs often use a holistic approach to provide you with a well-rounded treatment program. Mental health programs can include individual and group therapy, as well as psychiatric care services.

Addiction Statistics on Rehabilitation in Newport, Tennessee

Tennessee has had a high prevalence of methamphetamine labs over the years, which has recently begun to level out. The caveat to this is that the rates of heroin abuse in the state have been on the rise, which has had a direct impact on the number of fatal overdoses that we have seen in our state.

The reported rates of depression and anxiety in February 2023 were higher in TN when compared to the national average. An estimated 28.7% of adults were experiencing anxiety and/or depressive symptoms between April and May 2022 and did not receive the care they needed. This information provides some insight into the mental health challenges that Tennessee residents are experiencing. Mental health concerns, including addiction, affect more than the individual living with them. Their family, friends, and communities can feel the effects which demonstrate the importance of having effective and affordable mental healthcare options available.

Prominent Destinations in and Around Newport, Tennessee

Tennessee is a vibrant travel location with attractions for those who enjoy history, nature, and music. Tennessee may be most recognized as the home of Nashville, a famous country music hub. Nashville’s nightlife includes southern cuisine and an invigorating music scene.

Nestled in the Great Smokey Mountains is Dollywood, a top traveling destination for families in Tennessee. For those who prefer the great outdoors, the Smokey Mountain hiking trails can take you on a captivating tour that includes waterfalls and views of lush forests. The Cocke County Aerial Lift Bridge is a notable landmark that can provide you with incredible views of the Pigeon River and surrounding areas. In Sevierville, TN, you can spend time exploring the Forbidden Caverns with its unique rock formations and rich history.

Newport is often described as a charming and historic area, where you can enjoy local shops, and eateries, and learn about its historical significance. Motorsport enthusiasts often enjoy the thrilling races and events hosted at the Newport Speedway.  With a short drive, you can find yourself relaxing on Douglas Lake with recreational activities, including fishing and boating.

The History of Newport, TN

Nestled in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains, Newport, TN, is a thriving example of resiliency and adaptability. With its remarkable preservation of historic architecture, this town has created a beautiful blend that embraces its history, while embracing the progress and growth that has occurred over the past few centuries.

The Newport area was once inhabited by Native American communities, and then became home to European settlers who used the French Broad River as a pillar for their trade, which fueled the economic growth of the area. During the Civil War, Newport attempted to remain neutral, however, they experienced hardships from both the Union and Confederate armies. Since then, Newport has been adapting to the changes that have occurred in its trade market and economy because of new technologies and resources that have been developed. Newport is a town that has embraced its history and found a way to grow from the challenges that they have experienced over the past centuries.

Harmony Recovery Center in Newport, TN

The Harmony Recovery Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Group provides mental health and substance use treatment programs within our two locations. Summit Detox offers a medically supervised detox experience where our team works to help reduce the discomforts you may experience during withdrawal, and develop an aftercare plan that can guide you in your recovery.

Outpatient care programs available at our Newport, TN treatment center include partial hospitalization programming, intensive outpatient programming, outpatient treatment, and medication-assisted treatment options. The range of treatment options available within these two Harmony Substance Abuse Recovery Group facilities allows us to provide you with comprehensive, and continuous care as you move through the beginning stages of your recovery. We are here to support you each step of the way, we invite you to speak with an Admissions Counselor about our rehab centers in Newport, TN, by dialing (866)461-4474 now!

Location in Tennessee and Nearby Cities

Our addiction treatment center in Newport, TN is in a prime location surrounded by smaller cities and towns including Cosby, which is known for its closeness to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. We can provide you with an opportunity to begin your recovery at a distance from your home environment, so you can focus on yourself and your recovery.

If you feel as though having some distance from your home environment and challenges could be helpful, we encourage you to consider the Harmony Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Group locations in Newport, TN. Our Harmony Oaks treatment facilities are approximately three and a half hours northwest of Charlotte, NC. With the change in scenery and mountain air, you can have the opportunity to find a new routine that you can apply to your life at home. 

This makes us an ideal location for those who are living in Atlanta, GA., approximately 4 hours south of our facility. We have worked with individuals who live in other metropolitan areas including Greensboro, NC, and Nashville, TN.

What We Treat At Our Newport, TN Addiction Treatment Centers

Mental health disorders can have a profound effect on various aspects of your life and your overall well-being. With symptoms ranging from a low mood, mood swings, decreased concentration, poor health, and sleep difficulties, we understand the benefits that receiving treatment can bring for you. New coping skills can help strengthen your relationships, cognitive functioning, and physical health.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation in Newport

Substance abuse rehabilitation programs are structured, and comprehensive programs designed to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Holistic treatment approaches address the physical, psychological, and social consequences that you can experience as a result of your addiction. Your treatment can incorporate various treatment modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI).

A foundation of an effective rehabilitation program is the assessment and evaluation of your substance use disorder and any other health concerns you are experiencing. From here, an effective treatment plan can be tailored to your needs. This can include detoxification, inpatient care, outpatient care, support groups, individual therapy, and relapse prevention education. With the right treatment approaches in the ideal environment, you can develop the skills and knowledge needed for sobriety.

Mental Health Treatment in Newport

Mental health treatment centers in Newport, TN, often utilize structured interventions that provide effective treatment for various mental health conditions and promote overall well-being. Mental health treatment plans can include a combination of therapeutic interventions, support services, and psychiatric care that can help you overcome your mental health challenges.

The first step in your mental health treatment includes a comprehensive assessment and evaluation that explores your experience with mental health concerns and determines which treatment interventions would be the most impactful for you. Your treatment may include individual therapy, group therapy, psychotropic medications, and other specialized treatment options. Peer support groups may be included in your treatment plan to create a sense of community and understanding with others who can relate to your experiences. Additionally, family therapy and educational sessions may be available to provide your loved ones with insights and guidance regarding your mental health challenges.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs in Newport

Dual diagnosis treatment programs include specialized interventions that are designed to provide support and care to individuals who are simultaneously living with a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. These treatment programs provide integrated treatment aimed at both concerns, for comprehensive care.

A thorough assessment is the first step in your dual diagnosis treatment program. During this assessment, time will be spent exploring your mental health and substance use concerns and the effects that they have had on your life. After your assessment, your care professionals will be able to determine the best level of care for you, and what your treatment should focus on. Integrated treatment programs utilize evidence-based treatment approaches to provide treatment for both concerns, which may mean that you may engage in treatment for your addiction, followed by another treatment intervention within the same day.

Medical Detox Programs in Newport

Medical detox programs can be a critical step for individuals who are living with a substance use disorder. Detoxification programs provide you with a safe environment in the beginning stages of your recovery, where you can receive support and compassion from medical professionals.

Withdrawal symptoms have the potential to be dangerous without medical supervision, especially alcohol, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines. With medical support, you can safely transition through the withdrawal and work towards sustained recovery. Before you leave your detox program, your care team will provide you with treatment recommendations that are based on the severity of your symptoms and your needed level of support.

Harmony offers a multitude of locations up and down the East Coast for behavioral health services. Call us to learn about our facilities and treatment options.

Therapy and Treatment Programs We Offer in Newport, Tennessee

Summit at Harmony Oaks is a rehab center in Newport, TN, that provides various outpatient treatment programs to those living with mental health and substance use disorders. Summit Detox is a medical detoxification program that provides around-the-clock care for those who are in the beginning stages of their recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Newport

Partial hospitalization programming is an outpatient care option available at our drug treatment centers in Newport, TN. Partial hospitalization programs can provide you with a full day of recovery-orientated therapy and holistic treatment options that empower you to have a healthy recovery.

PHPs are sometimes called day programs because they typically include a full, structured day. A piece of this is to provide you with time to build skills and knowledge that will support you in your recovery.  Another benefit to day programs is that they can help you establish a routine in your day that is focused on your recovery and healthy choices. You will have the opportunity to stay at home, or in a sober living community, while you are in a PHP.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Newport

When we look at outpatient treatment programs, the step-down from a PHP would be an IOP. This treatment option includes group therapy several days each week, typically with one individual session per week. You can expect to be in treatment from 10 to 16 hours a week.

With a shorter duration than a partial hospitalization program, IOPs may be available in morning or evening hours which can allow you to slowly return to work or school, once you are in a healthy place in your recovery. While it may sound as though IOP is a time-consuming program, we encourage you to remember that it is a short-term option, typically lasting no more than 12 weeks. The skills, resources, and knowledge that you can gain from this program can have a lasting impact on your recovery 

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in Newport

Medication-assisted treatment options are most common in detoxification programs. Medications can be used to ease some of the discomforts associated with the withdrawal process, including both physical and psychological symptoms. You will experience a supervised withdrawal process followed by continuous medical monitoring.

Medication-assisted treatment options are available for some substance use disorders, including alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder. These medications can reduce your experience with cravings, and decrease the effects associated with continued use.

CBT, DBT & Holistic Therapy Programs in Newport

Holistic treatment programs are the gold standard for substance use and mental health disorder treatment programs. Mental health challenges are often complex experiences that are intertwined with various aspects of our lives. If treatment programs focus on the presenting concern, they may fail to provide you with the crucial care and support you need.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a commonly used therapeutic approach that can help you gain awareness of your negative thought patterns and the impact that they have on your feelings and emotions. Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based approach to borderline personality disorder and can be helpful for individuals who tend to have unhealthy relationships. With the combination of evidence-based therapeutic approaches and holistic forms of treatment, you will receive well-rounded care that addresses various areas of your life that have been impacted by your mental health challenges.

Benefits of Going to an Addiction Rehabilitation or Mental Health Program in Newport, TN

When you choose a drug rehab in Newport, TN., you are making a decision that can have a profound impact on your life. There are several reasons that you should consider rehabilitation programs, including:

  • Professional Guidance and Supervision- Rehab programs are often staffed with a multidisciplinary team including doctors, therapists, nurses, counselors, and support staff. Together, these professionals can provide you with an all-encompassing treatment experience that prepares you for your recovery.
  • Supportive Community- Rehab facilities are crafted to be supportive, welcoming, and nurturing environments that are conducive to recovery-orientated therapy. This allows you to build your support network, and learn to utilize your support when you have tough moments.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Dual diagnosis treatment is proven to be a more effective treatment approach for those who are living with a substance use disorder and a mental health concern. These two conditions may be intertwined, which is why receiving care at the same time can have the biggest impact on your recovery.
  • Recreational and Wellness Activities- One of the purposes of recreational and wellness activities in a rehab setting is to help you explore new hobbies and interests that you can incorporate into your recovery that you enjoy!
  • Local Community Resources- Depending on the level of care that you are in, your treatment program may provide an opportunity for day trips or activities in the local community. This can include recreational activities and social outings that provide you with the chance to embrace a community you may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality- Rehabilitation programs hold confidentiality and privacy in the highest regard and have safety measures in place to protect your privacy. This can help establish trust and rapport between you and your treatment provider, which may decrease your discomfort with being vulnerable and sharing personal details of your life.

Do Addiction Treatment Centers in Newport, TN Take Insurance?

One of the most common barriers that keep individuals from getting the mental health and addiction treatment that they need is the costs associated with programs. The Affordable Care Act which was signed in 2010 enhanced access to mental health treatment so that Americans could receive the treatment that they needed for optimal mental health wellness.

While some addiction treatment centers may be private, many accept insurance. Insurance coverage can reduce your out-of-pocket cost, which can make it easier for you to focus on your treatment than worrying about how you are going to pay for it.

Health Insurance Providers in Newport, TN That Cover Rehab Treatment

Newport’s residents have various health insurance companies and policies. Common insurance providers in our area include Aetna, Carelon, Cigna, BCBS, Humana, Magellan, Optum, Tricare, and UHC. If you are wondering how the details of your insurance policy will affect your treatment coverage, we invite you to contact the Harmony Health Group and verify your insurance. 

The cost of addiction treatment and mental health care do not need to keep you from receiving the care you need. Many individuals find that over time, their mental health challenges and addiction worsen, which can make later treatment options more intensive, time-consuming, and costly. When you contact the Harmony Health Group, we can discuss payment plan options if you do not have insurance coverage at this time.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Newport, TN Without Insurance?

The average cost for a residential rehab in Tennessee is $56,600. This estimate does not include the cost for specialized treatment options and dual diagnosis treatment. On average, outpatient treatment programs cost $1,698. Tennessee is currently ranked as the 16th most affordable state to receive residential rehabilitation care.

With 325 addiction rehabs in Tennessee, approximately 1,500 individuals receive inpatient care, and over 27,000 residents engage in some form of outpatient addiction programming. The estimates that we have shared can vary widely and are dependent on the severity of your substance use disorder, and the care you receive. If you engage in dual diagnosis treatment or receive medication-assisted treatment, your care may cost more than the average TN resident.

How To Find Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Facilities in Newport, TN

If you are ready to explore the different drug and alcohol addiction rehab facilities in Newport, TN, we want to commend you on the progress you have already made. Asking for help takes strength and courage. Now that you’re ready to get help, let’s discuss some ways that you can find your ideal rehab center Newport, TN.

One option for you would be to do a quick online search of available treatment programs. This option would work if you have an idea of what level of care you believe you need. Additionally,  you will have an opportunity to read available reviews online during your exploration process. This can provide you with some insight into what others have experienced and taken away from their time at that treatment facility.

An additional option would be to talk to your primary care physician about your concerns and ask for a referral. Your insurance company would also be able to provide you with a list of in-network providers with whom they work.

If you attend any 12-step or non-12-step groups, you can take time to talk to your peers about their experiences with treatment facilities. You can learn about the care they received and how they felt during their treatment.

A final option would be to contact a mental health or addiction hotline. Call centers can provide you with immediate support during moments you find yourself struggling, and can help you find appropriate treatment centers. The Harmony Health group has a free and confidential hotline that can help you in your search for treatment providers when you call (866)603-2362. If you have questions about our alcohol rehab Newport, TN, we encourage you to call (866)461-4474 today and speak with an Admission Counselor.

How To Find Mental Health Treatment Centers in Newport, TN

When you are looking for Mental Health Treatment Centers in Newport, TN, resources are available to you to make your search easier. One option that you have is to do an online search of local treatment providers. An added benefit to choosing this route is that you can read available online reviews about others’ experiences and the care they received.

You may also contact your insurance provider and ask for a list of in-network treatment providers. When you are speaking to a representative, you have the opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding your coverage and the financial expenses you may have to pay for treatment. Once you have the list of in-network providers, you can begin to compare your options based on their location, type of care available, amenities, and available treatment approaches.

Additionally, you may contact your local mental health and social services agencies. These agencies are familiar with the mental health treatment programs in the area and can point you in the direction of programs that they are familiar with. Community mental health centers are another resource that can provide you with assistance in your search for a mental health treatment provider.

Lastly, mental health hotlines offer crisis intervention services and can often help you locate local treatment options. The Harmony Health Group runs a free and confidential hotline that can provide you with mental health crisis support, as well as guidance in finding appropriate mental health treatment. If you are ready to take the next step towards your optimal mental health, we encourage you to call the Harmony Health Group by dialing (866)461-4474 now!

Addiction and Mental Rehabilitation Statistics in Newport, Tennessee

  • Tennessee Law enforcement focuses their attention on the prevalence of operating meth labs and the growing rates of heroin abuse.
  • An estimated 70,000 TN residents are addicted to opioids
  • Recent legislation changes have helped decrease the number of active opioid prescriptions in Tennessee
  • The rate of depression and anxiety among Tennessee residents at the beginning of February 2023 was 37.3%, which was higher than the U.S. average rate of 32.3%  
  • The number of fatal drug overdoses has consistently been higher in TN when compared to the average rates in our country, with a rise observed from 2019 to 2021
  • There were an estimated 3,038 fatal overdoses in Tennessee during 2021


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