Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center Medical Detox Treatment in Newport, Tennessee

Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center is Newport, Tennessee’s leading medical detoxification treatment facility. Our facility is committed to delivering thorough and empathetic care, including detox support, substance abuse treatment, mental and behavioral health therapy services, and dual diagnosis treatment, to individuals seeking recovery.

At Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks, we understand the importance of accessible, affordable drug and alcohol addiction treatment options. That’s why we are proud to be in-network with numerous insurance providers, enabling us to accept insurance for various services. By being in-network, we strive to minimize the financial burden on individuals and families while ensuring that they receive the highest quality care they need to overcome addiction and achieve lasting substance abuse recovery. 

Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center Location

Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks offers a tranquil, supportive environment for undergoing the detox process and other recovery services. Our facility in Newport, Tennessee, is approximately 141 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina, 161 miles from Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky, 167 miles from Atlanta, Georgia, 190 miles from Greensboro, North Carolina, and 201 miles from Nashville, Tennessee.

1558 Pinnacles Way Newport, TN 37821, is easily accessible and convenient. While Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks offers a secluded and serene atmosphere, it’s also close enough to various popular natural and cultural attractions in The Volunteer State, including the Great Smoky Mountains and the Memphis music scene with a side of Tennessee BBQ. The strategic location also allows us to serve individuals from diverse regions.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the vibrant urban allure of Nashville attractions or enjoying outdoor activities, like the Smoky Mountains hiking trails or a wander through the Appalachian Mountains, Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks’ locations strikes a balance between tranquility and accessibility to enhance the overall recovery experience.

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Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center Reviews and Ratings

Explore our reviews and ratings to gain insights into the transformative journeys experienced at Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks. These testimonials provide valuable perspectives on the positive influence of our services, offering a nuanced understanding of the exceptional care and steadfast dedication that distinguish us as one of the trusted Tennessee rehab centers.

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Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center in Tennessee Accepts Insurance

Our detox facility at Harmony Oaks in Tennessee understands the importance of removing financial barriers to access high-quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We take pride in being able to accept insurance and maintaining affiliations with most major insurance providers, ensuring that you can leverage your insurance coverage.

Whether you’re facing challenges related to substance abuse, mental health, or a dual diagnosis, our goal is to simplify and support your journey. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your detox benefits and insurance coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, contact us. Our dedicated team is prepared to assist you in verifying your insurance and guiding you through the details. Taking this proactive step will offer the clarity and assurance needed to initiate your path to recovery.

Evidence-Based Treatments and Accreditations for Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks

Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks is dedicated to providing effective, evidence-based treatment addiction treatment modalities with documented success rates. Our approach is grounded in the integration of addiction counseling services and substance use disorder interventions. By utilizing evidence-based treatments, we ensure the application of the most current and clinically validated approaches to holistic addiction recovery.

Additionally, Summit Detox Center at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center takes pride in its endorsements and accreditations from esteemed organizations, affirming our commitment to high standards of care. The facility is accredited by The Joint Commission, signifying our adherence to rigorous performance standards in the healthcare industry. Moreover, our accreditation by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services underscores our dedication to meeting state-specific mental health and substance abuse treatment guidelines. Recognition by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) further reinforce our commitment to excellence and ensuring the well-being of all under our care.

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