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Addiction treatment can help individuals struggling with a substance use disorder learn to make healthy changes that allow them to live their best life, without the use of drugs and alcohol. The Harmony Health Group is a top-tier treatment that offers rehabilitation programs in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Tennessee.

Harmony Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Group programs are in-network with many insurance providers, including Aetna. Aetna’s rehab coverage often includes treatment for substance abuse disorders, mental health concerns, and dual diagnoses. Contact the Harmony Health Group today to verify  your Coventry insurance.  

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What is Aetna Rehab Insurance Coverage?

Aetna’s members can access holistic and comprehensive treatment options. Aetna’s behavioral health coverage typically provides coverage for detoxification, inpatient care, and outpatient care programs. This allows you to receive support tailored to your unique needs. Your healthcare policy may have notable differences with your deductible, co-pays, and coverage options.

Some Aetna Insurance Brands, Products and Services

Does Aetna Insurance Cover Mental Health Treatment?

Aetna Health Plans provide policyholders with various levels of behavioral health options including therapy, support groups, and aftercare in inpatient and outpatient care settings. Aetna works exclusively with treatment facilities that utilize evidence-based approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which is a proven treatment modality for several mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

Mental Health Services Covered by Aetna

Addiction Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Centers That Take Aetna Insurance

The Harmony Addiction Recovery Group has several rehab centers that take Aetna insurance plans. We have 10 treatment facilities spaced along the Western and Midwestern areas of the United States, each of which has treatment options that are designed to support the community that they are located in. Contact the Harmony Health Group to find treatment programs near your area!

For further details on your mental health insurance coverage, call (866) 461-4474.

Does Aetna Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Aetna’s alcohol rehab coverage includes various treatment programs that can support you in your recovery. Depending on your healthcare plan, insured persons can have access to inpatient treatment programs, outpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and support groups. Therapy and counseling services can have a transformative effect on your life and help you grow, which can improve your overall life satisfaction.


Learn About Harmony Health Group Rehab Treatment Center Locations

Wondering how much rehab is with Aetna insurance is an understandable thought for policyholders who are struggling with drug and alcohol use. Harmony Substance Abuse Recovery Group can help you verify your health plan for our different treatment options. Call (866)461-4474 to get started on your journey today!

Rehab Centers in Florida That Takes Aetna Insurance

Rehab Centers in Massachusetts That Takes Aetna Insurance

Rehab Centers in North Carolina That Takes Aetna Insurance

Rehab Centers in New Jersey That Takes Aetna Insurance

Rehab Centers in Tennessee That Takes Aetna Insurance

Harmony offers a multitude of locations up and down the East Coast for behavioral health services. Call us to learn about our facilities and treatment options.

Does Aetna Cover Medical Detox Treatment?

Aetna’s drug coverage can include coverage for individuals who would benefit from an inpatient detoxification program. Detox is a common first step for individuals who engage in a rehab program, and can provide you with the medical support and supervision you need as your body adjusts to the changes that occur when you stop using drugs and alcohol.

Does Aetna Cover Residential Treatment?

Aetna Behavioral Health plans may provide you with coverage for residential treatment programs, including rehab. Residential rehab programs can help you understand the root of your addiction so that you can receive care and support that can help you in your sobriety. The Harmony Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Group offers addiction treatment across the Eastern and Midwestern U.S., call (866)461-4474 to begin your treatment journey today.

Does Aetna Cover Mental Health Therapy Treatment?

Aetna’s policyholders who need mental health treatment may be eligible for inpatient and outpatient care. The treatment you need is dependent on the concerns you are experiencing, the severity of your symptoms, and the impact that your mental health is having on your life. Common mental health programs include partial hospitalization programming and outpatient programming. 

Therapy Programs Covered by Aetna

Does Aetna Cover EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and reprocessing, also known as EDMR, is a form of psychotherapy that is used to treat individuals who are living with PTSD and other trauma-related concerns. Aetna Behavioral Health Plans, as well as Aetna Saving Plus Health Insurance Plans (TN) usually provide coverage for EDMR because it has a reputation for being an effective treatment modality for PTSD.

For further details on your mental health insurance coverage, call (866) 461-4474.

Other Rehab Treatment Programs Covered by Aetna

For those of you who were wondering, “Does Aetna cover rehab?”, the answer is yes! But how do you know which program would be the best fit for you? Thankfully, you do not have to navigate that question on your own. Harmony Health Group Admission Coordinators can help determine your ideal treatment program, call today to begin your complementary assessment!

Coverage for Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Coverage for Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Coverage for Inpatient Rehab

Coverage for Acute Treatment Programs

How Much Does Rehab Cost With Aetna Insurance?

If you have found yourself wondering about how much it would cost for you to go to rehab, you are not alone. The cost of treatment is one of the leading reasons people choose not to get the treatment they need. The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCDAS) reported the average cost of residential treatment during 2022 was $50,469.

The average cost of rehab treatment can vary widely based on the details of your treatment plan. Differences in the cost of rehab account for the length of time you are in treatment, the specialized treatment you receive, and the amenities that are available at your treatment center.

How To Check Aetna Coverage Levels for Rehab Treatment

If you do have concerns about the cost of rehab, you may find relief after you verify your insurance. When you call the Harmony Health Group, you will be greeted by one of our knowledgeable Admissions Coordinators who can help determine which program would be an ideal fit for you, and look into your health insurance coverage.

Our Admissions Coordinators can review our payment options if you have concerns about paying for your treatment. We know that the path you have walked has been difficult, which is why we are trying to simplify this process for you. If you’re ready to take the next step in your recovery, we invite you to call (866)461-4474 today.

How To Get Aetna To Pay For Rehab Treatment

It is crucial that you are knowledgeable about your health insurance plan before you begin your treatment. Aetna has a process that they follow when providing healthcare coverage, and we must adhere to their steps. As an example, you may need a pre-authorization or referral on file before you receive approval for treatment coverage.

As an in-network provider with Aetna, the Harmony Health Group is familiar with their process for obtaining coverage. Our experienced staff can ensure that we follow the necessary steps to receive approval for your rehab treatment. This includes compiling the supporting evidence for the program that you are hoping to, start by identifying the specific outcomes you can expect. Once we have the needed approvals or authorizations, Aetna will be billed automatically, which can take this concern off your plate.

National Statistics on Rehab and Aetna Health Insurance Claims

Get in touch with Harmony Health Group to find out about our rehab admissions process, free assessment, treatment options or to check your insurance coverage levels. Your first step to recovery starts here!

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