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Inpatient treatment options are designed for individuals who are experiencing a severe substance use disorder and those whose daily life has been significantly impacted. This level of care provides comprehensive treatment that begins to address the root of your addiction and other mental health concerns, while you reside in the safe and supported environment of the treatment facility. 

What are Inpatient Mental Health Therapy and Substance Misuse Programs Near Me?

Inpatient mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment programs, commonly known as rehabilitation programs, are designed to provide intensive and comprehensive care to individuals struggling with severe mental health concerns. Individuals reside in the treatment facility for the duration of their care, which provides them with around-the-clock access to professional support and supervision. 

There are two main options for inpatient treatment programming; detoxification programs and rehabilitation programs that provide counseling, therapy, and supportive services. Detoxification programs are ideal for individuals who are experiencing physical and/or psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal, and those who need medical support and supervision as their bodies adjust to the expected changes of recovery. Inpatient rehabilitation programs often use a combination of various treatment interventions including individual therapy, group therapy, educational sessions, medication-assisted treatment, and dual diagnosis programming. The Harmony Health Group has the privilege of providing an array of addiction and mental health treatment services across the East Coast. We craft our treatment program for each individual.


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What is Health Insurance Coverage for Addiction Rehab Treatment and Mental Health Therapy?

It is not uncommon for individuals to wonder, does UHC cover inpatient rehab programming? The answer is simple, when the Affordable Care Act was accepted into legislation in 2010, health insurance plans had to provide mental health and substance abuse coverage. Coverage now includes psychotherapy, counseling, behavioral health inpatient treatment programs, and substance abuse treatment programs. 

Does Insurance Cover Residential Substance Misuse and Mental Health Therapy Programs Near Me?

Yes! Inpatient United Healthcare insurance coverage can provide you with partial or full coverage for the care you receive in an inpatient facility, especially if receiving treatment in your home state. This can include detoxification if you require medical supervision and support during the withdrawal process. Though you can expect coverage for your treatment, the benefits you are eligible for can vary.

United Health Care has various products, services, and brands, each of which offers customizable options, allowing UHC members to choose a plan based on their healthcare needs and their desired price point. Differences among healthcare plans can be observed in premiums, policy details, claims process, deductibles, and exclusions for coverage. United Healthcare members who are curious about the cost of inpatient addiction rehab with UHC insurance are encouraged to contact the Harmony Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Group and complete an online verification form. This allows our Admissions Counselors to review the details of your coverage with you, and discuss the out-of-pocket cost you may be responsible for, reducing the risk of unexpected financial concerns.   

United States of America (USA) Statistics on Drug & Alcohol Addictions and Inpatient Treatment

Who is United HealthCare as a Health Insurance Provider?

United HealthCare is a member of the UnitedHealth Group family, which is one of the largest healthcare companies on a global scale. UHC was founded in 1977 as a group health plan that provided options for local businesses in Minnesota. The company expanded a few years later and rebranded as the United Healthcare Corporation.

In the following years, there was a focus on diversifying services and acquiring other healthcare companies. United Healthcare was formed in 1998 after a merger of United Healthcare and UnitedHealth Group. The UHC that we are familiar with today has been at the forefront of improving healthcare coverage and incorporating telehealth services for members. UHC has maintained an active role in advocating for healthcare changes that would improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare in the U.S.

Some UHC Brands for Health Insurance and their Products & Services 

What Does United HealthCare Insurance Cover for Inpatient & Residential Treatment Near Me?

United HealthCare coverage for inpatient and residential treatment varies widely based on individual plans and the geographical location of the individual. In most cases, individuals who need intensive care or acute care options are eligible for partial, or full, coverage from UHC. These treatment options can have a lasting impact on the longevity of UHC member’s sobriety, and overall wellness. 

There are unique differences among the coverage options between various UHC insurance policies. For the most accurate information, we invite you to contact the Harmony Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Group for assistance in verifying your health insurance. This information allows us to provide you with insight into the details of your insurance policy, and the financial responsibility that you may have. We understand that initiating care can feel overwhelming, and we are here to support you as you navigate this process. Dial (866) 461-4474 today to begin! 

Does UHC Health Insurance Cover Residential Medical Detox Services Near Me?

Detoxification programs are typically eligible for coverage for UHC members who require hospital care, including medical care and support, as they experience the physical and psychological effects of withdrawal. The medical support and encouragement available in detox programs make this a vital treatment option for individuals who are looking to get to the root of their addiction. This coverage is generally available to you regardless of treatment location, especially if you seek detox programs in your home state.

Does UHC Health Insurance Cover Residential Substance Misuse Counseling & Therapy Near Me?

Many health insurance policies offer coverage for the counseling and therapy often included in residential treatment programs at centers close to you. These substance use addiction treatment plans provide in-house care, including evidence-based treatment approaches for those living with substance use disorders and dual diagnoses. These treatment programs can provide you with individualized and holistic care that allows you to learn coping skills and develop healthy strategies for long-term recovery.

Residential treatment programs often have specialized treatment options including medication-assisted treatment options, dual diagnosis treatment, and family therapy options. Addiction is an individualized mental health concern, which explains why professionals provide tailored treatment options instead of utilizing a “cookie-cutter” style treatment plan. 


Mental Health Therapy and Substance Use Treatment Providers That Take UHC Health Insurance Near Me

As a premier addiction and mental health treatment provider, the Harmony Health Group has ten treatment facilities offering treatment programs addressing various mental health concerns. Our comprehensive approach allows you to delve into the root of your mental health concerns, and develop the skills you need to reach your mental health goals. Our UHC treatment programs include:

Inpatient & Residential Treatment Provider in Massachusetts

Residential Treatment Programs in Tennessee (TN)

Residential Treatment Programs in New Jersey (NJ)

Residential Treatment Programs in North Carolina (NC)

Residential Treatment Programs in Florida (FL)

Harmony offers a multitude of locations up and down the East Coast for behavioral health services. Call us to learn about our facilities and treatment options.

How Much Does Residential Treatment Cost Without United Healthcare Insurance Coverage?

The cost of inpatient mental health care with United Healthcare insurance coverage is dependent on the details of your healthcare plan. Individuals who do not have insurance will also find that there are price variations among providers. Differences in cost can be due to the type of treatment program, the concern being treated, and the severity of the individual’s symptoms. 

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics identified the average cost of residential treatment as the following, for the states that the Harmony Health Center provides treatment:

  • Florida: $56,640
  • Massachusetts: $56,725
  • North Carolina: $56,759
  • New Jersey: $56,570
  • Tennessee: $56,600

How To Check UHC Insurance Coverage Levels for Residential Rehab Treatment Near Me?

To start your search for the most appropriate treatment provider, you can explore your various treatment options through an online search for United Healthcare rehab treatment programs. You can then  review your generated list and compare the different treatment options, amenities, and reviews from others online. 

Once you have chosen your treatment provider, you can then verify your coverage to gain a better understanding of your insurance plan. You may do this by speaking with a UHC member services representative, or by completing the online verification form and speaking with a Harmony Health Group Admissions Counselor. Our Admissions Counselors can provide you with support and guidance as you establish treatment with one of our treatment facilities. Deciding to get help for your mental health or addiction is a commendable step that takes a considerable amount of courage and strength. Take the next step forward in your journey today by calling (866) 461-4474!

How To Get UHC Insurance To Pay For Inpatient Treatment?

Once your insurance has been verified, you should be able to utilize your inpatient United Healthcare insurance coverage and begin your treatment program. Typically, once your insurance has been verified, the treatment center will initiate billing automatically, so you do not have to worry about it. You may be responsible for a copayment or deductible when you arrive for treatment.

With this streamlined process, you can invest your time into yourself and your treatment program. If UHC denied a medical claim for treatment that you’ve received, you will have an opportunity to submit explanations for the medical necessity of the care you received. The Harmony Health Group is here to walk beside you throughout the various steps of your journey, and is available today to help you establish treatment for your mental health concerns.

Learning More About Statistics on Residential Rehabilitation in the United States (US)

  • 70 million adults, 18 years and older, felt as though they had experienced a substance use or mental health concern according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • 50 million of those who reported experiencing mental health or substance abuse concerns identified as being in recovery from their illness
  • Rates associated with recovery were higher among those who had a history of substance abuse treatment, especially those who had treatment within the last year
  • Approximately 3.8% of adults in the U.S. are living with a dual diagnosis of a substance use disorder and a second mental health illness
  • The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics indicated that the most common substance use disorders were related to marijuana and prescription pain reliever misuse and abuse
  •  An estimated 70% of law enforcement agencies in the midwestern and western regions of the U.S. feel as though methamphetamine and fentanyl pose the greatest risk to residents
  • West Virginia has the highest rates of fatal overdoses in the country, followed by Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, respectively. 
  • The average cost of residential treatment was $50,469 during 2022

National Statistics on Inpatient / Residential Rehab in the United States

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