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September is National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month. The purpose of this month is to increase the understanding of substance use and mental health disorders, increase awareness of these disorders and diseases and to celebrate those who are in recovery. 

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with a drug and/or alcohol addiction or a mental health disorder or both, our Harmony Health Group team is ready to help you overcome it all starting today. 

Weeks During National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month

Are there specific celebrations or educational programs offered during National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month? Yes. Some of these weeks and days include:

  • National Suicide Prevention Week
  • National Rehabilitation Awareness Week
  • National Sober Day

Right before National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month began was International Overdose Awareness Day. The purpose of that day was to increase awareness about overdose and the stigmas attached to drug-related deaths. On that day, there were also many resources to help family members, friends and other loved ones who lost a familly member to drug addiction and/or mental health issues. 

Here at Harmony Health Group, we want to make sure everyone gets the information, education and resources needed if they or a loved one suffer from mental health disorders or addictions. Hopefully, by releasing information regarding National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month we can do that. 

Unfortunately, during 2018 there were over 21 million Americans who had a substance use disorder and about ½ those people also had a mental health disorder. This is known as a co-occurring disorder. Sadly, though, under 8% of these people got the treatment they needed. We want to help people see that treatment is beneficial and effective. We don’t want anyone to go without the treatment they need to overcome a mental health disorder and/or an addiction. 

Prevention During National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month

One of the main focuses during National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month is prevention services. These are services that help to prevent substance abuse and mental health issues. Some of the offerings that you might find beneficial for prevention services this month include:

  • Classroom education
  • Parenting classes or programs
  • Community organizations for mental health and addiction help
  • Recovery-based activities
  • Fetal alcohol education
  • Stigma reducation
  • Advocacy work and volunteering
  • Naloxone distribution (to help those who are overdosing)
  • Opioid overdose education programs
  • Various other evidence-based treatments and programs

These are just some of the many things that can help you, your loved ones and friends throughout the month of September. You can find these resources in all other months of the year, as well. 

Treatment for Mental Health Disorders and Addictions

It is also important to talk a bit about the treatment options for mental health disorders and addictions. Some of the treatments that you or your loved ones can get during National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month or any other month of the year include:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Withdrawal management 
  • Women’s only services
  • Men’s only services
  • Other addiction or mental health treatment services

If you are struggling with a mental health disorder and/or an addiction, get the treatment you need today. 

National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month

Receiving Individualized Treatment

Everyone who struggles with a mental health disorder and/or addiction has their own unique story. They have been through trauma, accidents, loss and/or many other things that led to their addictive behaviors or mental health issues. 

No matter what experiences you have had throughout your years here on Earth, you are not alone. Here at Harmony Health Group, we want you to know that we offer individualized addiction treatment, so you can get help in overcoming these obstacles and any others that you may be dealing with. Some other things we can help you with during your individualized treatment programs are:

  • Detoxing from alcohol and/or drugs
  • Reestablishing your career path
  • Regaining control over your life
  • Handling cravings and/or triggers
  • Dealing with mental and/or physical health issues

We know that no two people have the exact same circumstances. For this reason, we make sure that everyone is heard and they receive the personalized treatment needed to help in their case. Everyone deserves a second chance at living their best life and we are here to help make that happen. Whether you get help during National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month or any other time, our team is ready to help you. 

Stop Isolating Yourself from Others

Unfortunately, there are many people who struggle with drug and/or alcohol addiction along with mental health disorders who feel so alone. They don’t feel that others in their life will understand what they are going through, what their experiences have been or what they are feeling. For this reason, many of those with co-occurring disorders, an addiction or a mental health disorder will isolate themselves from those that care about them. 

Isolating yourself isn’t going to fix anything. In fact, it is going to make your feel and be more alone. You might be hiding your behaviors or feelings from your friends and family, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know you are hurting. Most loved ones and friends want to help their family member or friend get the help they need. They see that you are struggling, but they are waiting for you to open up to them. 

If you are a family member or friend of someone who is isolating themselves from you, one option you have is to hold an intervention. That allows you to get others involved in helping this person. You will all work together to let them know you see their struggles and you want to assist them in getting treatment right away. Hopefully, by doing this, your loved one or friend will see that they don’t have to go through these trials in life all on their own. 

Get Addiction and/or Mental Health Disorder Treatment Today

Do you or a loved one have an addiction and/or mental health disorder? If so, there is hope and help available for you. 
Here at Harmony Health Group, we have helped people from all around the United States get the treatment and services they need – with everything from medication-assisted treatment to inpatient treatment and much more. If you want to find out which treatments or programs would help you or a loved one the most, contact us today to speak with one of our experienced addiction and mental health professionals.