5 Must See Movies About Drug Addiction

The 5 Best Movies About Alcoholism

Are you used to drinking alcohol “for fun” but you can’t quit drinking once you start? Do you know someone who gets drunk pretty much every week? Maybe the person you know doesn’t get drunk all the time. They might get drunk every time they drink, though. Usually, if someone can’t control how much they drink or can’t stop once they start, they have an alcohol addiction. If you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism, our Harmony Health Group team wants to help you overcome it. In the meantime, it may help to find out what the 5 best movies about alcoholism are. Hopefully, these movies can give you some insight into alcoholism and getting treatment.

28 Days: One of the Top Movies with Alcoholics

One of the movies about alcoholism on Netflix that you may want to check out is called 28 days. This movie came out in 2000. The main stars in this movie are Gwen Cummings and Sandra Bullock. Out of all the films these actresses have performed in, this is one of the best and most realistic.

After crashing the stolen limousine, Gwen had a choice to attend rehab or spend 28 days in a jail cell. In this movie, Gwen is a troubled drinker. It is important to note that while the movie focuses on serious disease, alcoholism, there are also funny moments. These moments help to make the movie feel a bit lighter and easier to watch. In addition, they help the viewer to connect with the storyline. In everyone’s life, there are going to be some fun and good times. These times happen even when the person has a challenging overall lifestyle.

This movie was #2 on the film list during the first weekend it was released. If you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism, this is one of the movies with alcoholism that you should watch.


Barfly is a movie that came out in 1987. It is one of the older semi-autobiographical movies. An American poet, Charles Bukowski, wrote the script for this movie. Time Magazine said he was a lowlife.

In this movie, Mickey Rourke plays the character Henry Chinaski. He is a poverty-stricken alcoholic. Throughout the film, Henry completes odd jobs to get money so he can drink alcohol.

Another character in the movie is Wanda. Faye Dunaway plays this character. She befriends Henry. When it played in the Cannes Film Festival, there were award nominations for Rourke and Dunaway. This movie portrays the real side of alcoholism.

Days of Wine and Roses

There have been 4 Oscar nominations for the movie Days of Wine and Roses. This movie won 1 Oscar. In this movie, Lee Remick and Jack Lemon are the stars. They play a normal married couple that lives in San Francisco. However, they fall into an alcoholic lifestyle. Both of them struggle to gain control over their lives. They end up hitting rock bottom.

For those who struggle with drinking, this is one of the 5 best movies about alcoholism. It allows you to connect with the stars. You get to see that rock bottom may not be what you think it is.

This movie came out in 1962. Even though it is an older movie, it is still a great version of an alcoholic love story. It allows the viewers to see how alcoholism can take a person’s life and flip it upside down.


If you are looking for movies about alcoholism on Netflix, Flight is a great movie to watch. This movie grips the spitting image of drug use and alcoholism. Throughout the movie, there are many remarkable performances by the actors and actresses.

Denzel Washington plays William Whitaker Sr. (Whip) in this movie. He is a pilot that has a drug and alcohol addiction. At one point in this movie, Whip crash-lands the airliner he is flying when it mechanically fails. He saves most of the people who are on the plane.

Following this crash, Whip’s life has an unexpected twist. You will need to watch it to see what happens,

This movie came out in 2012. It is one of the newer movies about alcoholism. There have been Oscar nominations, including Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor,  for Flight.

When A Man Loves a Woman

Al Franken co-wrote the movie When a Man Loves a Woman. It came out in 1994. When a Man Loves a Woman is a drama-based movie starring Philip Seymour, Meg Ryan and Andry Garcia. These are just some of the great stars in this movie.

Meg Ryan places Alice Green. She is a beloved school counselor, mother and wife that becomes reckless with her life. She starts drinking. Alice is violent when under the influence of alcohol.

Garcia plays Alice’s husband. He tries to confront Alice about her drinking after there was an accident at their house. This accident sent Alice to the hospital. The hospital visit is a turning point for both of them.

When a Man Loves a Woman is one of the must-watch movies with alcoholics.

More Movies with Alcoholics

In addition to the 5 best movies about alcoholism, some other movies may help enlighten you about alcohol addictions, as well. Some of these movies include the following:

  • Judy (2019)
  • A Star is Born (2018)
  • Rocketman (2019)
  • Crazy Heart (2009)
  • The Lost Weekend (1945)
  • Smashed (2012)
  • Walk the Line (2005)
  • Clean & Sober (1988)

These are some of the other movies that can help give you a glimpse into alcoholism and rehab centers.

Watch These 5 Movies About Alcoholism and Get Addiction Treatment Today

Have you been struggling with alcoholism? Maybe you know someone that has an alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, millions of people struggle with addiction. Everyone deserves to live their best life. That can happen. Our treatment programs allow people to overcome their addictive lifestyles and turn things around.

If you watch any of these movies with alcoholics and realize you need addiction help, turn to Harmony Health Group today.