Dear Friends and Family,

As we are sure you are aware COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) has now reached the level of an international pandemic. There is a lot of uncertainty and concern in the country. We assure that our medical and operational teams have secured the safety of our facilities and are actively taking preventative measures as best practice in minimizing the risk to our patients and staff.

Continuing our life saving service to our patients and maintaining the safety of our facilities, patients, employees and partners is our top priority.

At this time, it is reported that worldwide there have been 6,600 deaths contributing to the COVID-19 with a 93% recovery rate of those who have contracted it. This is a cause for concern and has required implementation of international protocols and monitoring systems.

However, please do not be distracted from the risk faced every day by someone struggling from the disease of addiction. Stress is a well-known risk factor in the development of addiction and in addiction relapse vulnerability. We have opened a special line for loved ones and our alumni to call into if they feel they are at risk of relapse. We also encourage loved ones to be vigilant to the signs. At the present moment, proper treatment facilities with precautionary measures remain the best place to be for someone who is struggling.

Phone: 561-462-5007
Email: [email protected]

If your loved one is currently in treatment, or in need of treatment please be assured we are taking all necessary precautions, as outlined below.

Precautions currently in place at our facilities:

  • Multiple daily disinfecting and housekeeping procedures for infection control in all locations and vehicles
  • All locations have a full inventory of sanitary supplies including antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, antimicrobial wipes, bleach, hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectant sprays.
  • Increased cleaning multiple times daily and a thorough disinfection of clinical building, vehicles, all residences and common areas, with special emphasis on commonly touched items such as door-knobs, light switches and hand-rails.
  • Increased medical checks including randomized daily temperature and vital checks.
  • All staff are required to stay home if they have any signs or symptoms of feeling unwell or have come in contact with anyone ill.
  • Patient outings have been temporarily canceled and brought in-house, including outside meetings, gym outings, and shopping.
  • Grocery shopping is being done online and through “leave at door” delivery.
  • Through educational groups, patients are being urged to keep a safe distance from other persons and to take other preventative measures.
  • Constant hand washing is taking place throughout the day.
  • All patients have been instructed to report any symptoms of illness to a staff member immediately, after which the patient would be immediately isolated from the rest of the community and transported to emergency services.
  • Our pre-admission process now includes asking whether potentially admitting patients have felt ill, their travel history, and if they’ve come into contact with anyone that’s been ill or has been confirmed to have been infected with Coronavirus.
  • Upon admission into our program, patients are screened and evaluated by medical staff, including temperature checks and questioning of potential contact with infected persons.
  • Isolation units are in place and prepared in case any patient shows signs of having contracted COVID-19.

It is important to remember that these events often lead to irrational panic and unfounded rumors. The importance of receiving help for addiction can’t be put on hold. At this time all six of our facilities are operating as usual, with these additional precautions. We will continue to be fully transparent in our efforts to keep our community safe and update you as we receive more information. If you have any questions regarding these matters, please feel free to contact our team. We will be providing relevant updates as they become available.