Our Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment Program provides those that have been unable to succeed and achieve long-term sobriety in abstinence-based programs a medication-assisted solution that helps reduce the chance of relapse during and after treatment.

Whether it’s through Naltrexone, Vivitrol or Suboxone, our team of professionals at Harmony Health Group’s Medication-Assisted Treatment Program knows that medications are sometimes a necessary component of the treatment process.

Our MAT track provides those that meet the criteria proper medications to counter drug use and reduce cravings while maintaining strict, ethical guidelines and oversight to the way these medications are prescribed and taken, to whom they are prescribed, and for how long.

An Ethical, Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

In the case of Suboxone medication assistance, our Medication-Assisted Treatment Program is normally 1 to 6 months in length and is managed as a long-term taper from opiates for those patients who are unable to maintain their sobriety in abstinence-based programs while receiving treatment in our Residential, IOP and Outpatient levels of care.

The low but reasonable doses prescribed by our facility are consistent with its purpose of being a risk-reduction and craving-reducing component of the program, rather than it being an indefinite replacement for the substances previously being taken.

By the time a client reaches the maximum program length, medication has already stopped being prescribed and dosages had, throughout the months, been cut so low (even skipping certain days of the week by the end) that a total cutoff of the medication is commonly not uncomfortable at all.

Clients are then allowed to continue their journey to sobriety and move on to a substance-free lifestyle using the tools they retained during their treatment.