Harmony Health Group is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive mental health treatment experience available. Whether you or your loved one enters one of our programs for a mental health or substance use disorder, you will find all our facilities incorporate a modern, holistic approach. The holistic approach is defined by an understanding that people are complex and that the primary facets which make us human (mind, body, and spirit) are all interconnected. 

What is Holistic Substance Use Disorder Treatment?

Holistic treatment for substance use disorders recognizes that every individual is unique. Mind, body, and soul are connected and influence one another. This means that substance use disorder treatment which focuses solely on the body or mind alone is incomplete. It also acknowledges that spiritual solutions by themselves are insufficient. 

The most effective alcohol and drug treatment utilize evidence-based therapeutic modalities which address all three of these areas. By treating mind, body, and spirit with proportionate attention, holistic substance use disorder treatment can incite deeper, more meaningful change than conventional drug treatment. This is important because the ultimate goal of holistic treatment for chemical dependency is lasting recovery. 

Therapeutic Tools for a Lifetime of Recovery

We believe enduring recovery is best achieved with a broad, inclusive therapeutic model which addresses all facets (mind, body, spirit). Harmony Recovery does more than simply deliver holistic drug treatment which facilitates growth and insight during treatment. We provide every person we treat with the tools to continue to grow in their recovery long after treatment. 

What is Holistic Treatment for Mental Health Disorders?

Holistic treatment for mental health disorders is a multi-faceted approach that applies to a person’s mind, body, and spirit. It differs from conventional mental health treatment in a number of ways. Holistic therapy for mental health conditions focuses on treating people, not simply addressing symptoms. It recognizes that conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD are complex and can have multiple root causes. 

The holistic approach to mental health is proven effective. It does not eschew conventional evidence-based therapeutic modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Instead, it complements them by giving patients new tools to access and express their feelings. Holistic mental health treatment can also help strengthen the connections between mind, body, and spirit, which improves self-esteem and allows one to better understand their own feelings and behaviors.

Tools That Enable Self-Discovery and Continued Growth

Holistic mental health treatment not only facilitates breakthroughs during treatment but also introduces people to new ways to cope with feelings and manage their own mental health. Our goal at Harmony Health Group is to guide every person we treat to a path for continued progress for years to come.    

Components of Holistic Therapy

Holistic treatment for mental health or substance use disorders incorporates different therapeutic modalities for maximum effect. Oftentimes people are unaware of which approach will give them the most effective tools for self-expression. Varied approaches also help individuals better connect to all facets of their humanity. For example, yoga can help with the mind-body connection and counteract anxiety. Art therapy can help people better express and process their feelings when words won’t suffice.

Exposure to a variety of holistic therapies is helpful because:

  1. Different people respond more favorably to different approaches.
  2. Addressing mind, body, and spirit requires a variety of approaches.
  3. Varied conditions respond differently to different methods.
  4. Many people aren’t aware of their best tool of self-expression until they experience it.

At Harmony Health Group some of the components of holistic therapy include:

  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Nature Hikes
  • Drumming
  • Non-Denominational Spiritual Services

Please note that each Harmony Health Group location offers a different range of services. To learn more about which holistic therapies are available at a specific location, please give us a call anytime, 24 hours a day at: (866) 461-4474

We have staff ready to take your call. We’re here to listen.

What is Holistic Mental Health Disorder Treatment?


Art Therapy

We utilize Art Therapy in Harmony Recovery programs to provide people with an alternate means of self-expression from speech and writing. Many people find their feelings difficult to put into words, but given a non-verbal medium of expression, they can release feelings and emotions. This can open doors, enable progress and lead to breakthroughs in treatment. 


Music Therapy 

Hans Christian Anderson once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Music can tap into our emotional core in a way that few other mediums can equal. It gives us a way to not only express ourselves, but to convey our deepest feelings to others in a way that simply talking usually can’t. Music doesn’t require as much conscious attention as listening to someone speak and it can more directly access the heart and soul. 



Yoga includes a diverse set of physical postures, breathing exercises and spiritual practices which evolved in ancient India thousands of years ago. The root word of yoga means ‘union’ and indicates the main purpose of yoga, which is to strengthen the balance between mind and body. Yoga has proven benefits for mental health and wellness including reducing anxiety, elevating mood, enhancing both focus and relaxation.



Mindfulness practices are especially useful for people seeking to change and adapt their behaviors. Mindfulness is about awareness. The practice of mindfulness can buy you the precious few moments of awareness before acting on an impulse or strong feeling. This can help people with substance use disorders combat urges to use or drink. Mindfulness can also help people with mental health disorders avoid reverting to old behaviors and to remember to utilize new coping tools. 



Meditation is an ancient practice which came about in different forms and different cultures over the millennia. It can be utilized to enhance mindfulness and focus, or enhance relaxation and calm. It is simple enough for nearly anyone to learn, but powerful enough to make a profound difference in your life if you make it a regular habit and an integral part of a recovery lifestyle. 


Nature Hikes

Communing with nature is perhaps humankind’s oldest form of therapy. A close relationship with nature was part of every human’s life in ancient and prehistoric times. But modern life has increasingly separated us from the natural world. It takes conscious effort to reconnect to the Earth and nature hikes are a great way to do it. Spending time with nature is proven to help relieve many mental health symptoms from depression to anxiety. This makes nature hikes an excellent holistic therapy tool. 



Drumming and drum circles are an effective and enjoyable way for us to connect with our primal selves. Rhythmic sound and vibration can induce a meditative state and even produce endorphins. Drum circles have social benefits as a simple and enjoyable group activity. There are good reasons why the ancient tradition of drum circles has survived to this day. We can experience and benefit from drumming in much the same way our ancestors did. Vigorous drumming also has some cardiovascular exercise benefits. It raises your heartrate and improves circulation.


Non-Denominational Spiritual Services

Harmony Recovery Group programs and facilities also offer access to non-denominational spiritual services. Weekly visits to churches, synagogues, temples, mosques or other spiritual gathering locations are provided, based upon our clients wishes. For many people, spirituality is a core element of their identity. Others may be just discovering or reconnecting to spiritual life after many years. Wherever you find yourself on that spectrum, Harmony Recovery Group wants to ensure you have access to a variety spiritual services during your time with us.

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